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Monday, 11 July 2016

BLOG TOUR: Eden Summer by Liz Flanagan - REVIEW + VIDEO

Today I am the first stop on the Eden Summer blog tour, which is a brilliant little book by Liz Flanagan which is now on the shelves of your local bookstore just waiting to be picked up... Looking for an excuse to break your book buying ban? I have one here for you. Read on for my review- which surprised me with how easy it was to write- and a little video from the author herself.


“My mind will not accept the possibility that Eden could be dead, now or ever. Stopped. The end. Nothing. No. My best friend is too alive. Too everything. She can’t just disappear. What happens to all her Eden-ness? What the hell happens to me, without her?”

It starts like any other day for Jess – get up, plaster on black eyeliner, cover up her tattoos and head to school. But it isn’t any other day: Eden has gone missing. And Jess knows she has to do everything in her power to try to find her best friend before the unthinkable happens. So Jess starts to retrace the steps of the summer they’ve just spent together. And she starts to notice things she didn’t notice before.... She starts to question what she thought Eden’s summer had been...
Set in the beautifully described stunning countryside of West Yorkshire, this is a tense and thrilling journey through friendship, loss, betrayal and self discovery. 
4.5 Stars

To kick things off, I have here for you a video featuring the lovely Liz Flanagan herself out in the Yorkshire countryside at one of the locations included in her novel. I absolutely love this- I've ever actually had a video as part of a blog tour before- and I think you will too.. Have a look below!


Eden Summer is a beautifully gritty novel, which scrapes at your insides to hollow you out and then fills you back up again. Flanagan has this wonderful ability to transport you through an emotional rollercoaster in a poignant manner, and what this creates is a book that when you close it's final page astounds you with the potency of it's sheer simplicity.

Flanagan takes us through the process of Jess learning about Eden's disappearance and the following twenty-four hours skillfully, crafting what is essentially not only a physical journey but an emotional one too. She presents both wonderfully, using locations in West Yorkshire to mark pivotal moments with vivid descriptions that are undoubtedly vital in creating an intense experience as you read. I absolutely adored this about Eden Summer; the ability to just bask in all the glorious different sites of the novel all the whilst my stomach turned with unrelenting apprehension at what might occur.

Emotionally, this is a novel to be contested, as Flanagan is unyielding in her presentation of raw grief, pain and love. No emotion is glossed over or sugar coated; she writes it like it is, and in doing so presents one of the qualities of this book that I admire the most. Flanagan connects with her audience, because she whole heartedly embraces the ability of teenagers and young people to feel the full force of emotions just as any other adult. There is no attempt to make things shiny and sweet, which serves to beautifully demonstrate the unprocessed nature of life and teenage experiences.

This is a defining feature throughout the novel, and Flanagan continues to wield it surely. Jess and Eden's friendship is very much shaped by this, because the two girls care for each other fiercely and yet experience a lot of the misery life could throw at them. In Eden Summer, this is key, because it makes their friendship so unperfect that it simultaneously becomes perfect in depicting the way we are constructed by the moments of beauty and agony we experience. At it's core, Eden Summer is a novel about hope; the hope we have in each other, the hope we have in our ability to overcome the blackest of days. That is what Jess and Eden constantly follow, and it serves as a little reminder that the smallest of things can have the greatest momentousness. So whenever you feel really small, remember that you are really quite momentous.

All this is done as the story softly flicks through past and present events that have come to define those 24 hours, and so Eden Summer concludes with a satisfying but unsettling ending. Satisfying, because you can savour the grace of what you have just read. Unsettling, because you can't quite help but feel changed by the whole ordeal.

This summer, this is the book you want by your side.

rita xo

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