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Sunday, 10 September 2017

5 Ways to Incorporate Your Love of Books Into Decor *

Books are wonderful, there's no question about that. Powerful, entertaining and moving, books can leave you with enough experiences to last a lifetime. But they can also leave you with enough decor to last a lifetime, believe it or not. Below are some of the ways I make sure my love of books is very clear to anyone who wanders around my house- how do you ensure your decorations reflects your passion for reading?

1. Play Around with Storage
My beloved books have been shelved almost all the ways you can think of. There was that time I meticulously sorted them into alphabetical order and that time I ordered them to fit the colour of the rainbow. I've displayed them on shelves, above my bed, in vertical stacks and horizontal ones. The point is, figuring out the quirkiest ways to store your books will guarantee endless fun... and maybe achy arms - but that's worth it, right?

2. Save Those Event Tickets
I have tons of pieces of paper that I have saved from train tickets to post-it notes. The best ones are from book events I've gone to, and I don't let them go to waste. By sticking them up on my wall I have a sweet reminder of the authors I've been lucky enough to meet and of the memorable experiences I've. For nostalgics like me, this is a must.

3. Get the Writing on the Wall
When I changed up my room, one of the first things I did is go on Etsy and get myself a custom made wall quote, so that on my bedroom wall is a line from one of my favourite poets, Fernando Pessoa. Finding a book quote to put on your wall is one of the easiest and most meaningful ways of personalising a room with your love for books. I 100% recommend it since mine has been up four years now!

4. Leave it to the Professionals
Good thing there are designers with a talent for this, right? Sometimes, no matter how many rainbow shelves you have or the number of wall quotes you've stuck up, imagination can run a little dry. If you're still stuck for ideas, Havenly has a bunch of immensely talented interior designers ready to help you out with their unique decorating ideas. Are you a bit of a minimalist? Try this. More in favour of contemporary designs? Check this out instead.

5. Find Your Favourites.... Put Them on Show!
I get it, asking you to choose your favourite books might be like asking you to choose a favourite child, but it's possible. Just remember that book with the gorgeous, gilded cover that you bought when you definitely weren't on a book buying ban, or that worn and torn novel that's been passed down in your family for generations. Put them on a coffee table or a desk and now everyone can admire your collection.

*This post has been written in collaboration with Havenly. All opinions are completely honest and my own.

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