Thursday, 8 September 2016


1. You get what you give.

In the words of Angelica Schuyler, 'WORK!'. It's a pretty simple equation. The effort, the time and the work that you put into your exams will ultimately control the outcome of your results. Yes, I know everyone tells you this, but trust me, you won't believe it until you've actually experienced real exams. Somehow, people always fool themselves into thinking that no matter what happens it'll be okay, and that's a lie. That person (and there's always one) who claims they got 12 GCSEs without lifting a finger is also a liar. Everyone has to work during exams, and ultimately that will define how you feel when you receive your marks. Even if you're convinced that your friend is the next Einstein and therefore the laws of the universe state they must do better than you, stop. Stop for a minute and realise that the only person in control of your success is you, and you must be willing to work for it.

2. It won't be easy; that's not the point.

You've made countless mind maps, run out of ink in way too many pens and now you're about to walk into the exam room. This is going to be easy, right? Let me stop you there, I wish it was like this. At one point, I thought it was going to be like this. Then I realised it wasn't. The reason behind that is exams aren't meant to be easy, otherwise there would be no point to doing them. If you're taking an exam properly, then you should be having to think and reason and use logic to get an answer, and that isn't meant to be easy. So even if you've memorised the entire textbook, and well done to you if you have, don't expect the exam to be simple. These things are meant to test you, and that's especially true for when you know all the information.

3. Prioritising is key.

The other regrettable fact of exams is that sacrifices will have to be made. With a lot of your time allocated to studying, other aspects of your life will suffer, and the best thing to do is try to accept that. Attempting to fit in time for everything is exhausting, and will ensure that you don't actually get the full benefit of the work you are doing or the time you are using as a break. You have to rest, and so you can't constantly be working at lots of different activities. For me, this is true in regards to blogging. During exams, I often find I can't blog because my time has to be allocated to doing something else, which can be frustrating. Yet I know that for my blogging and my revision to be as beneficial as possible, I have to prioritise the latter over the former, which is a very important step to being able to work efficiently.

4. Procrastination is NOT key.

Okay, so you chose to spend two hours on Saturday revising, and that consisted of creating a revision timetable and organising the brightly coloured stationary you bought that now is carefully placed all over your desk. I get it. Revision is repetitive and boring, stationary is.. well, it's everyone's weakness. But, please, put the cute little bunny eraser down. Procrastination is the worst thing you can possibly do. You're not revising, but you're also not relaxing, so in short you are going nowhere. When revision gets too much, what you should be doing is taking a break and enjoying your time away from the textbooks, as opposed to deciding that now is the perfect time to move your bed over to the other side of the room. Doing this will ensure that you're ready to study once more, instead of feeling like you'll have to dredge through a load of facts and information that you won't actually take in.

5. Enjoy the little things.

Here's the thing, exams may not be all that enjoyable, but you can do a few things to stop them from being downright miserable. One of those things is to focus on the things you actually enjoy during that time period. Whether that's the glorious feeling of crossing out another exam on your list, or even the relief of finishing the exam paper and being able to forget all the stress that comes with it, just remember the little pleasures of life instead of how much you want it all to be over and done with. This is the most important lessoned I learned out of all my exams, because it reminds me that things don't seem as horrible if you look at the entire picture instead of focusing on the little negatives.

rita xo

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