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Friday, 15 April 2016

Giorgia Ori's Top Ten Reasons to Travel

1. Travel to discover yourself
The first thing they teach you in film school is: you get to know a character based on the way he reacts to events. That’s exactly what will happen to you: while travelling you’ll react to a broad spectrum of situations, and this will help you discover who you are!
2. Travel to enjoy your own company
Appreciate the value of your solitude, take time to analyse your present, make peace with your past and be open to your future and its infinite possibilities.
3. Travel for the sake of it.
Connect with nature’s beauty and feel a part of it. Get moved to tears in front of a landscape, and feel the emotions flowing inside of you. 
4. Travel to remind yourself you are alive!
Sometimes the routine of our daily life makes us forget we are alive, and that we don’t have to do what we do if we don’t want to. We were born to lead our life, not to let it go.
5. Travel to meet new people.
Every time I travel my faith in humanity is restored!
No joke! People are so kind! 
6. Travel to practice the “law of attraction”
There’s no better occasion than travelling to notice that whatever you give comes back. Whatever you think, good attracts good. A positive mind will bring magic in your journey. It sounds crazy -but I’m sure other travellers relate.
7. Travel to discover the real meaning of freedom
“Freedom”... An overused word.
At first, the taste of freedom isn’t sweet like they tell you. Freedom is bitter! It’s hard, it implies choices. 
Choices implies responsibilities. And confusion, a sense of being lost in the thousands lives you could live and can’t choose.
But hey -once all that has been handled, the pleasure of travel begins.

8. Travel to improve your skills and develop new ones
You weren’t born a pro. Nor was I. But you know, you learn by getting it wrong. After few years of travelling you’ll be so proud of yourself and the things you can do!
9. Travel to bring stories to the table
Yes! You don’t want to be the one who has nothing to cool to say. You want to have so many stories that people will talk to you for hours. So many stories that you can see them in your eyes and make them sparkle.
10. Travel to give a deeper meaning to your life
I won’t explain this one. I guess each of us knows his own!

Giorgia Ori is an Italian photographer who received her Film production certificate from the New York Film Academy. Currently based in Los Angeles, she has backpacked in the USA, Asia, South America and Europe. Having published a book of poems "AMERICAN DOGS" and published three short films, she now runs a four class workshop in Los Angeles about how to travel. Find out more at 

You can also book tickets for Giorgia's workshop here.

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