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Saturday, 9 January 2016

The Smart Girl's Guide to 2016: Science

Hey you! 

Guess what? Not only is 2016 a leap year, but it is also YOUR year! Yes, smart girl, this is gonna be your year. And everyone else's too, but lets forget that for a second. This is your guide to your 2016.

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Today's topic for 2016 is Science, but if that's not you thing look out for the Humanities and Culture guides that will be popping up on here soon. If this is your thing however, 2016 is going to be one exciting year for you. Just check out all these advancements that are planned for this year:

  • On March 14th, ESA (European Space Agency) and Roscosmos (Formerly the Russian Federal Space Agency) are planning a joint launch of the ExoMars Trace Gas Orbiter which aims to develop a greater understanding of atmospheric gases in Mars atmosphere.

  • In order to aid research into human diseases, laboratory grown "organoids" are being developed and used to study diseases which are specific in how they affect human biology, such as cancer or autism.

  • NASA's Juno spacecraft was lauched on the 5th August 2011, so after almost five years of waiting, Juno is scheduled to arrive on Jupiter in July 2016. Scientists hope Juno will allow them to investigate the origin and evolution of Jupiter, the largest planet in our solar system.

  • CRISPR is a new gene-editing method that has the potential to alter DNA in sperm, eggs and embryos, to grossly simplify things. Although it has dredged up well known ethical arguments once more, and is not quite ready to become and everyday procedure, there is certainly hope new methods like this could make a difference in how genetic diseases affect people's lives.

  • If everything occurs as promised, police in Goa should have a forensics laboratory by March 2016, which hopes to do away with the slow processes caused by having to send forensic evidence to Gujarat (approx. 800 miles away) or Hyderabad (approx. 400 miles) for analysis.

  • After the United Nations climate change summit in Paris last year, 2016 will reveal the realities behind the deal. Interestingly, companies such as Climeworks have been developing strategies that allow them to capture carbon dioxide from the air around us and now plan to sell it too.
Don't take it all from me, Smart Girl! There is literally a whole world out there developing and creating scientific innovations- these are just the ones that I found. Now get out there, and discover something yourself! Or if you're in school like me, dream of doing so as you work to get the qualifications you need first. ;) 

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rita xo

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