Saturday, 7 November 2015


Blogging slumps happen to everyone. That's the truth. Trying to constantly keep up with a schedule, no matter how frequent or infrequent it is, can be exhausting. There comes to a point where you have no clue what you want to write about, or if people want to read it; the statistics that blink up every time you click on your site contribute to the panicky need to somehow get back your previous numbers, yet they also add to the weariness you feel about the entire situation.
Every 'Guide to a Brilliant Blog' out there stresses the importance of keeping up with a schedule, however. I can't deny that it's true. Readers want something dependable, they want to be kept interested with new content on a regular basis. Despite this, when we look at other blogs we simply see the exciting next post that's popped up on our feed. We never seem to see the work and thought behind it, and that can also make us constantly wonder, why can't I post as much as they do?

That's TRUTH #1: As Bloggers, we need to be lenient with ourselves. Not all of us can be full time bloggers, and not all of us can manage to post daily. Or even three times a week, simply because we are all different people. For me, I prioritise school work before blogging, and then I seem to always have things to do with my friends or family. So when I'm not writing a History essay, or having a day out at the beach with my new puppy, I sometimes find it hard to just slow down and start blogging. It's not so much that I don't have the time to do it, it's more so that with my mind being constantly on other things throughout the day, I don't have an idea for what to write about or I don't feel like writing it. I end up spending my time on the internet just doing things that perhaps aren't productive, but because I spend so much of my day working at things that are, they feel like the little time I have for myself.

Which brings us to TRUTH #2: Write with a passion, or don't write it at all. If you love writing it, whoever reads it will sense that too. For someone who's favourite thing to write isn't reviews, it can make sitting down to write them a bit of a chore. My favourite posts are ones such as The Oversimplification of Stereotypes, or  5+ Reasons We Need More Diverse Books. I loved doing all the research for the 4 Documentaries You Should Watch If You're Passionate About Women's Issues post, and my Interview with Linda Forsell. The thing in common with those posts is that they are all based on subjects I'm passionate about. So when I sit down to write them, the words just seem to fill the page. It's similar to when I write the story I'm working on; when I'm writing my favourite scenes , I can't seem to stop. When I'm not, things don't go so smoothly.

Essentially, that's exactly what TRUTH #3 is: A Blogger is a writer. Any writer you ask will tell you that at various points when writing a story, you will hit a wall. So why should it be any different when we blog? Your blog is a story- the entire premise of Weaving Pages is 'A Blog on the Stories we read, and the stories we live.' One of the first steps to overcoming a blogging slump (and I'll give you some tips on that soon) is to accept that. Be kind to yourself about it, take a little rest and then get stuck into it. Also accept that there will be times in your life where you won't be able to blog. For me, that will be this summer when exams start.

TRUTH #4 is related to this: Don't base your blogging success on numbers. Sure it's brilliant to have huge amounts of page views and comments, and on a business side there is no denying that it's very beneficial, but as a writer that shouldn't rule you. Statistics are simply something that should slowly build up as you write what you love, and that you can aid along with doing a little research about your audience and things such as SEO. The first step to getting anywhere however, is to begin with just writing what you enjoy, when you enjoy it. Sometimes, that also means getting out all your feelings on paper, like I'm doing here.

For me, that's the truth behind blogging slumps. The trick to getting out of one, is understanding why you feel like that- I'll be helping you out with that in a later post -but I hope this post has been somewhat relatable for anyone in the same situation. Don't let a blogging slump get you too down- it's possibly the most common thing in the blog world!

Love, Rita xox

rita xo

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