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Thursday, 12 November 2015

BOOKISH EVENTS: Leigh Bardugo and Melinda Salisbury at Seven Stories

Two Fridays ago, I went to one of the best events ever at Seven Stories with my sister in tow: Leigh Bardugo and Melinda Salisbury were going to be there to talk about their books, and whole lot more as I found out. There was a huge range of topics covered, including poo, but I honestly had such a huge amount of bookish fun.
You may remember that not long ago, I raved about Six of Crows in my review, and as soon as I knew I had a chance to meet Leigh I got the tickets instantly. I had heard amazing things about Melinda's book too, The Sin Eater's Daughter, and so I was very happy that I finally had an excuse to break my book buying ban and buy it. Let me tell you, I have now read it and found it as fabulous as everyone says it is! Look out for my review which will be coming soon!

To summarise the conversation- which is going to be hard since it was just an hour of utter hilarity -both authors read an extract from their upcoming books. Leigh read from Six of Crows, and Melinda from The Sleeping Prince which I am SUPER curious about and excited for. At one point, we moved onto the subject of what they would be doing if they weren't writers. Leigh rightly asked "Do we have to be good at the said thing?" and when told that it wasn't a requirement, told us about how she would like to be a fashion designer, which I loved! Melinda's answer was amazing too, as she told us how she'd like to be a keeper at a zoo, which promptly brought us onto the subject of poo and having to handle it. Of course, that resulted in a room full of laughs at the odd topic, though everyone (even Leigh and Melinda) was left wondering how on earth we go there in the first place. At one point, we moved onto questions, all of which had brilliant answers. I think my favourite one has to be the reply when asked if they ever look back at their work and wish they could have added something. Melinda and Leigh agreed that they don't tend to read their work once it's been published, and I think I can empathise with that. I mean, it must be a little strange to read your entire 300 page novel (though it would be amazing to have a book published!) because at the end of the day, you might have spent an entire year or more going over it. There must be a point you just want to get it out of your sight!
Loving to write myself, I couldn't help but ask Melinda and Leigh if they tended to plan their work or just 'go with the flow'. Both agreed they liked to know where the story is going, but Melinda admitted sometimes she just has to follow what her characters want to do, and Leigh likes to have it more planned out. As someone who can struggle to plan, but at the same time can end up kind of lost on where to go next, I agreed with the idea of having a set goal for the story- it most definitely helps!

Next we got to the book signings, and both Leigh and Melinda were absolutely lovely! They are super sweet, and we talked about everything from writing to my time-turner necklace, and the fact Leigh's character in Six of Crows has a similar name to my sister's. I got awesome Six of Crows badge which I instantly pinned on, and then went on to talk to some of the other bookish people at the event.
Mentioning that, I finally got to meet Nina, who's a publicist that I've known through blogging ever since I began. Meeting her has been long overdue, and I can honestly say she is so so sweet and amazing! I had so much fun talking to you, Nina! I also got to talk to Lorna, who is the programme coordinator at Seven Stories, and just one of the sweetest people ever!! We talked for ages about authors we wanted to see, and everything going on at Seven Stories recently- just all the bookish conversation we could fit in really. It was so nice to see you again, Lorna!
Ines (my sister) and I hung around for a bit so we could get a picture with Melinda and Leigh, since I didn't want to interrupt the signings. It was here that Melinda and begun talking about Portugal and all the cakes and pastries you could eat there (Spoiler Alert: we're both big fans!) as well as about my current WIP. She gave me some lovely encouragement, especially since lately I hadn't been writing a lot. Well, THANK YOU MELINDA <3 <3, because as soon as I got home I wrote some more! Leigh also tried out some of her Portuguese on me, just before everyone began dressing up in the Seven Stories Harry Potter robes. Yes, you read that right. If you need a reason to visit Seven Stories, just do it for all the Harry Potter stuff!

Thank you to everyone who organised the event- Ines and I had so much fun, and it was one of the best bookish events ever. Seven Stories hosts the best events, and I am very much looking forward to the next one!

Love, Rita xox

rita xo

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