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Saturday, 28 November 2015


It was when I scrolled through my list of read books on Goodreads that I really began thinking about what adventure is, at it's very core. I had just been asked by Cotopaxi to write a post on my favourite piece of adventure literature, and yet as I looked past endless lists of stories filled with exhilarating car chases and daring escapes, nothing felt right. Nothing did feel right until I stumbled upon Code Name Verity, who's cover proudly proclaimed to me 'I Have Told the Truth.' So in that small moment I realised that perhaps I was searching for the wrong kind of adventure. What I wanted wasn't treks through hidden cities, but confessions deep from the soul and heart-shattering realisations that only the best books can offer. Code Name Verity, it seemed was exactly the kind of adventure I needed.

Part of me wishes to tell you that what I love about adventure novels like Code Name Verity, is the act of adventure itself. The soaring plane rides, the code names and unending acts of bravery that only happen in fiction. Yet somehow, I always find myself realising that it is the characters who truly make an adventure, because more often than not, adventure is not a tangible action. It is something you feel.

Code Name Verity is a beautiful embodiment of that, for it truthfully is an adventure of the heart. It's the struggle within yourself to fight and love the world at the same time, or the tiny little quirks of friendship that in the end stare you in the face and tug at your heart. Adventure is being brave enough to label yourself a coward and being loving enough to do the right thing, no matter how much it shatters your every being. Adventure is not always the rides into the sunset or the soaring heights but the bad days and good days that make up who you are. Adventure is finding the courage to truly know yourself.

Any voracious reader will recognise there is no adventure greater than that. 

rita xo

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