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Wednesday, 21 October 2015

The Ultimate Guide to Reading More

I've constantly heard the phrase "I don't have time to read!" from people in my life. Whether that was at school, or just in the middle of a general conversation, I hear it a lot. Before, I didn't understand it. Now I do. 

Lately, I've found it harder to constantly pick up a book. I'm not sure if it's because my tastes have become more refined, and so I have to LOVE a story to want read it all the time, or if it's simply because I usually have a good amount of homework and revision to do which gets priority. By the time I think of picking up a book or even blogging (that explains the current schedule deviations) I'm tired, and just want some time for myself. As good as wasting half and hour on the internet feels, I want to go back to reading as much as I did before, so here is an Ultimate Guide to Reading More, in the hopes that not only will it get me reading (and reviewing) more, but that it will do the same for you.

1. If you Don't Like it, Ditch it.
Yes, I know, you probably feel guilty. What if it gets really good? What if I miss out? And what about the publisher I'm reviewing it for? Sometimes, the book does get better, I admit. Most times, however, it doesn't. We have to get over that fear of missing out, because there are a lot of brilliant books out there but- as the quote says- there is not a lot of time... If the first 100 pages don't thrill you, the next 200 probably won't either! Especially, if you are wasting energy restraining yourself from wanting to slap the main character. I realise that it's harder to do this when it's a review copy, because the publisher has been kind enough to send it to you! I always feel like I'm letting them down if I DNF a book, yet I remind myself that they are book lovers too. They know it's impossible to like every book you read, so don't waste time on those books that won't get priority on your shelf!

2. Take a Journey.
As fun as it sounds, no, I'm not suggesting you take a spontaneous holiday just to be able to read more. A better idea is to take your book on a spontaneous holiday. I try and take a book with me wherever I go, because you never know just when you might get a spare moment! You might be waiting for someone in the car, have a few minutes before class or maybe you need a break from the world. Guess what? If you constantly have a book with you, there'll be no need to just sit idly and twiddle your thumbs. You'll get to catch up on the next bout of trouble your favourite character is heading towards.

3. Relinquish Everything Electric.
I'm possibly the guiltiest person in terms of doing this. It's just so easy to waste time on Twitter or playing the really addictive game on your phone instead of reading. A good idea is to just turn everything off, and place it somewhere you know you won't be tempted to reach for your laptop. Then make yourself a warm drink, and sit down with your current novel. And yes, an eReader is forgiveable. ;)

4. Before you Snooze.
The easiest thing for me to do to get some more reading time it to pick up a book before bed. It can be hard on days where you're tired or get in late, but when you are just snuggled up in bed, it's the perfect time to read. It doesn't even have to be much: a page or two does the job, and every book lover knows just how many pages "one" is... 

5. Give Yourself a Challenge! 
At times, it's very easy to get in the swing of just reading 'easy' books. You know, ones that don't really require you to strain your brain *that* much. The problem is, that gets boring very quickly, so a good idea is to maybe try something you never have before! A different language? An entire new genre? A hefty classic? There are countless opportunities, and it can be a valuable way to get yourself reading again! 

rita xo

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