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Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Poemar by Paula Sousa Ribeiro

Hello Everyone!

Today I'm sharing with you a book of Portuguese poems by a friend of mine, but of course I promise all opinions are my own!

The book is called Poemar by Paula Sousa Ribeiro, and it's described as 'Poems of Play' if you want a literal translation. To describe it better, it's about the discoveries of children, of the world through the eyes of a child and all the joy they can bring.

Most of all, it is very, very lovely. So read on, and put this book on your TBR!

This book is filled with poems about children, about the times where you learn to play, to smile, to love. I think there is something so beautiful about reading stories that recount childhood innocence, especially when you're growing up. Because as you move on with your life, you start to lose that precious innocence, and I think it's important to have a little reminder of the joy you can get from it at times.

I can ensure that as you read this, you'll feel nostalgic. I certainly did, and (though this does not affect my review in the slightest) it's not just to do with the fact the woman who wrote this has known me since I was a baby. Yet, though she may not be your family friend, I can guarantee this book will feel just as personal as it did for me. It's like an old friend, or the remnants of a story you used to hear before bed every night, and that's why poems feel heart-felt. They are simple, but effective. We've all been a child once, and therefore I think this is the kind of story-telling that will resonate with everyone.

As for those of you who tend to not read poems, I promise to change your mind about this. I've always though of myself as someone who loved novels more than poetry. In fact, if you ask me, I will say that I usually prefer books to poetry of any kind. However, there is a mistake in comparing the two. If you imagine yourself having to read a poetry book in a week from start to finish, it doesn't seem to pleasant. That's the point though. This is a book to treasure, to pick it up when you're remembering precious little moments that you want to revisit. Poems are for savouring, so give them a try. You might just change your mind...

So this book is in Portuguese... Well, what better time is there to learn a new language? For anyone who already does speak and read the language, go give this collection of poems a go. You won't be disappointed.

rita xo

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