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Thursday, 1 October 2015

My Dream Literary Collection

Welcome to my dream literary collection! I was contacted by the website Invaluable, which auctions collectible and antique books amongst other things, to put together books from their site that I'd love to have. Even if you're not looking to buy anything, you must have a look over at their collection. There is a lot of stuff, and I honestly had a great time searching and spotting all the books I knew and loved! So here are the books that I've chosen, but make sure to tell me what you think!

1. 1st Edition of the First Superhero Novelization: “The Adventures of Superman”

I like to think of myself as someone who enjoys things to do with superheroes, and I just think it would be amazing to have a 1st edition of The Adventures of Superman. I've never been big on reading comics, though I do enjoy all the worlds and characters they create, but my Dad loves them and I think this would actually be a brilliant gift!

Do I really have to explain this? What book lover doesn't know Lewis Carrol's story and wouldn't jump to have this gorgeous little book in their hands. Sure it might not be a first edition, but I think the fact it's date back to 1946 and will have belonged to someone or many people at one point makes it a little more magical, and that never hurts!

Okay, so maybe this is cheating slightly because it's not exactly a book, but can still picture it sitting nicely on my bookshelf, so it counts?! Anyway, I realise The Little Prince is a book I need to pick up ASAP, especially since there are a few copies lying around my house- my family is a fan of the story, so I definitely have no idea why I haven't jumped on the band wagon. Maybe this little lithograph could be motivation?

Once again, fairytales!! Not only does this book seem VERY gorgeous, but I've always dreamed of having a huge, antique book bursting with all the stories we've come to know. So what better than one that is from 1911, and illustrated? I would love a chance to take a peek at a book like this!

What books would be in your dream literary collection?

rita xo

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