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Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Summer of '15

Hi. I'm back, having finally been dragged away unwillingly from the ocean and the arms of family. But that's life, and I have work to do, exams to revise for, and it can't just be Summer all year long. But more on that in a later post.

Summer of 2015 is basically over. Finite. Done. Finished, no matter how much I want to hold on to the dregs left behind. Even my tan will fade eventually. All I really have are the things I brought back with me: gifts, photos and -most importantly- memories. That last one is what led to the Eureka moment I had whilst I brushed my teeth, and it's why I'm writing this instead of getting some much needed sleep. Something needs to change with this blog, and I feel like I might finally have got it.

It's not a change of design, or a change of font or writing style or theme. There is not much changing actually, even though it requires a whole post. Yet what I want to do is no longer think of Weaving Pages as a sole space for books, because it's more than that. Weaving Pages is a place for stories, because that's what our entire world is: One big story, and finally I realise that's what I want to write about.

This year won't be easy, and a stockpile of work is staring me in the face, which sadly also means blogging time will be cut short. Yet I'm not going to let that get in the way. Sure, the reviews may not be churned out as often, and I might not update as regularly, but I'll share my stories along the way. Whether it's a lesson I learned or something I feel I need to say, hopefully I'll be able to share it on here. In time, everyone else will be able to share their stories too- that's my aim. So look out for a few adventurous steps, and we'll see what the stories bring.

Pretty soon you'll see a change: Weaving Pages will no longer be 'books in screaming colour' but 'stories in screaming colour' because I've come to find that stories matter to me dearly, and they need to be shared.

rita xo

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