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Saturday, 25 July 2015

How to Quickly Empty Your Feed Reader

It can't only be mean who logs onto Bloglovin' before melting into despair at the sight of 300 posts needing to be read. It's like a scene from a horror movie when you realise it probably would have been a much better idea if you'd just kept up with the posts each day... Alas, there is nothing we can do when you have reached the point of no return, so instead I'm being your fairy godmother and sharing a few ways you can get through that feed quickly.

1. Be Picky
Scroll through your feed and when you a post you don't want to read, click 'Mark as Read'. Keep doing this every time you reach a post that doesn't interest you until you reach the end. Then refresh the page and ta-da! You've only got the posts you want to read left! Trust me; you've got to be tough when chossing, especially if you have 300 posts to plough through!

2. One Step At a Time
I love to do this, personally. All I do is go through my feed blog by blog. This saves me masses of time for some reasons, probably because it means I'm not just constantly scrolling. I just click on the blog, and read the posts I want to. Then I click 'Mark Blog as Read' if I decide there are some I don't to read. Try it- it's quick and easy!

3. Be a Little Lazy
Sometimes, we don't need to walk into things with grand schemes or plans of action! All you need is to open up that feed and click on what you want to read and you're done! Don't feel bad about not reading everything, and it's okay to skip out on the comments too. Take it as an opportunity to skim through what you missed whilst you were forgetting Bloglovin' existed. 

4. Start Fresh
As painful as it sounds, sometimes you need to just let it all go. Click that 'Mark All As Read' button. Sure, it may hurt to think of all the great posts you've missed, but then how many would you be missing trying to catch up on the old ones? Just go for it! Time to have a clean slate, or a clean feed maybe. :)

How do you tackle all of your unread posts, or how do you stop them piling up in the first place?

rita xo

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