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Thursday, 16 July 2015

4 Things I Do to Get Ideas for New Posts

1. Google Calendar to the Rescue
I use Google Calendar to track all the posts I have scheduled or need to write. Often that means I have little scribbles telling me I need to to review a certain book or an idea that I never got around to actually writing. This is really helpful, because even if I'm feeling a little stuck, I still have a whole host of ideas ready to be messed with. Using Google Calendar also means I can easily change things up, so I can choose to publish a post earlier than I first thought or push it back a week or two. Honestly, I do not know how I ever blogged without using a schedule!

2. Notes, notes, notes!
I keep a Google Docs page filled with ideas for posts, and it is literally a life saver. Using Google Docs (Yes, I promise I'm not being paid to promote Google!) lets me access this list from every single computer I use which keeps all my ideas in one place. It also means I have a list titled 'Blog Ideas' where I type out rough sentences about posts I want to eventually write. Those ideas can stay there for months, but it's amazingly helpful to have something to use as a reference for when I have no clue what to write about and also allows me to easily remember all my thoughts!

3. Get out the Social Media
Okay, this may make you laugh, but I find that social media can be extremely useful in giving me ideas for posts. Sometimes I see conversations that encourage me to write discussion posts like this one about using too many exclamation marks in emails, but it's also a great way of finding out the latest news so you can be quick to write posts. An example of this is my post on why the fact Girl Online was ghostwritten matters. Another way to use social media is through sites like Bloglovin' which really help with inspiration by taking a peek at all the posts everyone is writing.

4. Hit the Books
For all the book bloggers out there who are reading this, it's a pretty useless point since we're always reading. However, if you aren't a book blogger, and you aren't reading.... GO READ A BOOK NOW!! All of you! Reading is an incredible help and I actually just wrote a post on stereotypes that was completely inspired by what I read in a book. I could probably write around three more posts with ideas just from that book! The next time you read something, try and think how you could incorporate that into a post.

If you need more suggestions on how you can come up with ideas for posts, I have another post all about escaping the grips of an empty blog schedule, so go take a peek at that too! 
How do you come up with ideas for posts?

rita xo

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