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Saturday, 18 July 2015

3 Things I've Stopped Doing With My Blog

1. Monthly Recaps
 I remember that when I started blogging I used to do Weekly Recaps to. I have no idea how, because recaps are some of my least favourite posts to write. So I've thrown them off this blog completely, and they'll only make a comeback at the end of each year. I know some people probably think I'm crazy because a) It's good for catching people up on posts they may have missed and b) It helps with pageviews but I've decided that if I bore myself to death writing them, they can't be the most exciting things for you guys to read. I love to follow the rule that if you write something with passion, those who read it will feel that too so on that note; see you later monthly recaps!

2. A LOT of Features
Once again, when I begun blogging I was big on taking part in weekly features. I did Top Ten Tuesday and started Wattpad Wednesday to the point they were complete constants on this blog. I think one of my best decisions has been to stop doing that, because it was getting predictable, and predictable means boring. Our blogs are like stories; they change as we change, sometimes going too fast or too slow. How many times have I complained about a book being too predictable? A load of times. So if I wouldn't enjoy that in a novel, I most certainly wouldn't include it in my blog. Therefore, I'm loving being able to come up with new posts instead of having it all written out for me, which was getting pretty boring.

3. Book Hauls
Well, I'm no longer doing book hauls in a traditional sense to say the least. Before I was following the format of using a picture and listing the books I had got. That's not much fun to read or write to say the least, and so I've scrapped it. What is more fun is to include these books in a post about how I've been feeling lately, and how this has maybe affected the books I've chosen. I am a mood reader, so this most certainly applies to me!

What changes have you made to your blog? 

rita xo

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