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Saturday, 6 June 2015

The Heir by Kiera Cass

Hello Everyone!

THE SELECTION HAS ANOTHER BOOK AND EEEEEE IT WAS TOO GOOD. Thank you to the lovely people at HarperCollins UK for letting me read the 10 chapter extract (I bought the book to read the rest)! Also, if anyone wants to give me the dress they used for the cover, I will happily accept. I'll even pretend to be Eadlyn for a month. ;)

Title: The Heir
Author: Kiera Cass
Series: The Selection #4 
Source: Publisher (Netgalley) / Bought
Publisher: HarperCollins UK
Published: May 7th 2015
No. of Pages: 400
Eighteen years ago, America Singer entered the Selection and won Prince Maxon’s heart. Now the time has come for Princess Eadlyn to hold a Selection of her own. Eadlyn doesn’t expect her Selection to be anything like her parents’ fairy-tale love story…but as the competition begins, she may discover that finding her own happily ever after isn’t as impossible as she’s always thought.
A new generation of swoonworthy characters and captivating romance awaits in the fourth book of the Selection series! -(Goodreads)
4.5 stars: Page agrees this book was wonderful, almost

I first started this series a while back, but never got round to reviewing it. One thing I will begin by saying is that it's addictive. I just read this in one sitting, because it's too enthralling to put down. I don't think it's due to any amazing plot devices or to suspense filled twists. These books are just fun, and sugar-sweet in a way it's impossible to dislike.

Maybe it's to do with the fairytale aspect of royalty. Since this book does centre around Princes and Princesses trying to find their ideal match, it's hard to not go back to the day where you'd dress up as Sleeping Beauty and dream of glass slippers. It's true that I also dressed as Mulan and wanted to be as amazing as she is, but I can't remember not loving to dress up in floaty dresses and dance around just like Belle. I even went through of phase of wanting to dance bare foot in a forest just like Aurora did. The Heir and all the books in The Selection series appeal to those feelings entirely.
That's why it almost feels indulgent to read. Just one page and you're off, imagining what you would be like as a character in the novel, and picturing yourself in dresses as gorgeous as the one on the cover. (SERIOUSLY. Someone get me that dress.) It's just too easy, to think about how you would act, whether you would be chosen or who you would choose. When you begin to get old enough and see the true stories behind the fairytales, it's just a little escape back into the five year old mindset of living in a castle with the prince you'd met 'Once Upon a Dream'.

Of course, you have to ignore your realistic conscience to really enjoy it. The truth is, I certainly wouldn't want to have to choose my future husband out of 35 people set in front of me. Personally, I don't think that's how things should work. Part of me also wants to ask America and Maxon why they would put their child through that, and why they are encouraging them to get married at 18 when they have so much time ahead. Another part of me wonders why you would even want to be royalty, as now I understand the strict act all royals have to put on, and I know I wouldn't want to touch that life with a ten foot pole. I'm pretty happy being able to choose my own life and path. But if you push all of that realism away, I absolutely love the story, and I get lost amongst all the crystals and lavish balls all over again.  Lets be honest- it's a lot more fun when you let yourself do that. ;) I guess what I'm saying, is that to enjoy this series, you have to go in ready to just let yourself enjoy the story!

The Heir certainly did not disappoint, and it did dredge up all those AHHHHHH I WANT TO BE IN THE BOOK feelings all over again. I swear that when I finished The Selection I had a huge book hangover when I realised I would never be able to be in this book. *cries* ALL THOSE DRESSES AND PRINCES AS CUTE AS MAXON ARE GOING TO WASTE. ;)

However, I did find myself with one conflicting issue: Eadlyn. Seriously. How did Maxon and America's daughter end up as self-centred and insensitive as this? She's not evil, but she's obviously spoilt and carries that "I'm better than you" air with her. Whilst I did enjoy her independent streak, and how she knows what she wants- it was rather hilarious watching her counteract all the attempts to charm her -she just came across as very wrapped up in herself. I mean, at one point she hated someone for having bent her tiara! She's not unbearable, but the way she acts does start to niggle at you, and if you read this I think you'll definitely notice what I mean! It's obvious towards the end of the book that Eadlyn will have to change, and I'm really looking forward to seeing that! You see, Eadlyn has done what is so easy to do: she thinks that she cannot be strong, independent and a leader but also be loving and kind. So she forgoes any humility and want to have someone to love her because she thinks it will make her vulnerable and powerless. So instead, she uses her power without any consideration for the feelings of others. Whilst, this is her fault, I don't completely blame her because it's so easy to believe that you have to be ruthless and dominant to achieve anything, such as a leadership position. People will tell you that, too. Where there going wrong is that they don't understand you can be strong and think for yourself at the same time as being humble and kind. Being kind doesn't mean you'll let people walk all over you. No matter what anyone tells you, people will respect you for that because you will be treating them well. :)
The Heir continued the fairytale The Selection had started, and brilliantly so. I'm absolutely desperate to find out what happens next and will be picking up the next book as soon as I can!

rita xo

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