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Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Letter From A Reader: Emmy & Oliver by Robin Benway

Hello Everyone!

I received this for review from the amazing people over at HarperTeen, so thank you to them for allowing me to review it! I was warned, but the tears came soon enough whilst reading this! Don't worry, they were happy! Of course, I loved this so much I wrote a letter to Emmy and Oliver- the characters themselves. 

13132816Title: Emmy & Oliver
Author: Robin Benway
Series: N/A
Source: Publisher (Edelweiss)
Publisher: HarperTeen
Published: June 23rd 2015
No. of Pages: 352

Emmy’s best friend, Oliver, reappears after being kidnapped by his father ten years ago. Emmy hopes to pick up their relationship right where it left off. Are they destined to be together? Or has fate irreparably driven them apart?

Emmy just wants to be in charge of her own life.

She wants to stay out late, surf her favorite beach—go anywhere without her parents’ relentless worrying. But Emmy’s parents can’t seem to let her grow up—not since the day Oliver disappeared.

Oliver needs a moment to figure out his heart.

He’d thought, all these years, that his dad was the good guy. He never knew that it was his father who kidnapped him and kept him on the run. Discovering it, and finding himself returned to his old hometown, all at once, has his heart racing and his thoughts swirling.

Emmy and Oliver were going to be best friends forever, or maybe even more, before their futures were ripped apart. In Emmy’s soul, despite the space and time between them, their connection has never been severed. But is their story still written in the stars? Or are their hearts like the pieces of two different puzzles—impossible to fit together?
 5 stars: Page the bird salutes this book, and starts
 flying with joy.

Dear Emmy & Oliver,

You once both agreed that you wished someone would send a letter to you. Whilst I may not be able to send it by post, and it won't arrive in your letterbox looking like letters do; like old, wizened souls who've left a path on their way to your hands. It's still the letter you hoped for, and it's all for you two.

So, Emmy and Oliver, what can I say? That I don't remember the last time a book breathed so much life into characters? Because it's true. For me, it never occurred to me that you were simply in a book. That was impossible when you lingered in the back of my mind, even as I put your story down unwillingly. As you sighed and laughed and cried, your breaths made the pages turn, each word pouring more life into you. Vivid bursts of colour are what you remind me of; unforgettable and everywhere all at once. Yet even when I try, I can't think of people who could complete each other more than you do. It's a beautiful feeling. A sweet moment of warmth when after life tears you apart, you still find away back to each other. I think it's the first time I can truly say it's meant to be, even if it's as cheesy as those Cheez Doodles you ate. And most of all, it was young and hopeful, a refuge when everything around you got bitter, broken and nothing seemed to fit. Sometimes, it's all you need. Just that steady, beating love constantly reminding you that it'll still be there, even when you're about ready to fall.

If that wasn't enough to make the tears start falling, there came your parents. They really are something, right? The funny thing is, no matter how over protective or controlling or anxious they seemed to be, there was always love, even when they were confiscating your phone too. That was a clear message through out this book; the things we do for love, well, they can be wonderful, messy, faithful and horrible. All your parents loved you with all their hearts. Sometimes it didn't lead to good things, but sometimes it led to the best. And you can't deny that at the end of the day, you have a selection of people who will always be willing to hold you in your arms. That's what parents are: home. Emmy, Oliver, Drew and Caro, with all their mix of situations, made me thankful I can know that. 

Still, Emmy and Oliver, your story didn't stop reminding me of the smallest treasures. Never. Because you are about having the strength to keep moving on. To never giving up, and fighting to get past everything that stops you from being where you want to be. It's about letting go, being free and loving and smiling with all your heart. Life isn't made to stop still. Like you said, the world will keep on spinning even when you're begging it to stop. So we have to go where life takes us. We have to grow up, let others grow up, leave and come back. But always do it with love in your heart.

I thinks that's what I wanted to say, Emmy and Oliver. That I cried with you and laughed with you, and still don't quite believe it's ended. I guess the beauty of this is that we won't make it a goodbye. It'll be a see you later.

See you later,

rita xo

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