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Sunday, 3 May 2015

When I Refuse to Read Sequels

Okay... so books make me sensitive. Correction: books ruin my feelings, light them on fire and stamp on the ashes. BUT I LOVE THEM. However, there is a point where I will actually refuse to continue a series even if I have adored the first books.

I get very attached to my characters. So much so, that when one of my very favourites gets killed off I get stuck under a mountain of tissues and endless sobbing. When it's a love interest or half of my OTP or my favourite book boyfriend ever, it just gets worse. AND I CAN'T CONTINUE. Even if it is the best book in the world!
Take Noughts & Crosses for example. I tried. I honestly tried. The first book is brilliant but the ending just ruined the whole series for me because I just get so attached! I even forced myself to read Knife Edge with the little hope that my beloved character might somehow still be alive. That hope died quickly. It was possibly very painful to read and I couldn't even finish the book. It just affects me too much GAH. So I apologise to all the brilliant authors and books that I will never read because it just hurts too much. I'M SORRY.

Does this happen to you? Or do you manage to look past the scars left by your lovely characters!?

rita xo

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