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Thursday, 14 May 2015

"In writing, you must kill all your darlings."

The famous quote is attributed to William Faulkner, and if you were to google it you would probably find many many explanations of this idea. To talk about it roughly, the basic idea is that you should strip your writing of the things that just don't work. Even if you really, really love that shiny paragraph you wrote, you still have to hit that delete button if it doesn't do anything for your story. It's a hard thing to do. Like when you write a word and your hand writing finally looks gorgeous but then you realise you wrote the wrong thing. Scratching that ickle, perfect word out it hard. SO PAINFUL.

I guess the point is: writing is painful. Tell me about it. It's painful in many ways and I've never even finished a draft of a book. It stabs your heart when you read over what you wrote and suddenly decide that you will never have any talent in life and anyone who says that is lying. It kills you when nothing. will. get. out. of. your. head and onto the page. And it's torture when everything seems to be going wrong and nothing will fit together and you're ready to just about pack your bags and go live in the desert.

I do my fair share of writing on this blog. A lot of work does go into it, even if sometimes I have to disappear into the sea of life that seems to be so far away from the blogging world. Those are the painful times. Where the inspiration is sucked out of you, the screen stays blank and you have to re write everything all over again. It's frustrating, hard and incredibly annoying. But that's what writing is.

What keeps me writing however, what keeps me always trying to find time to blog, is the opposite of that. It's the times when everything just pours out, and you've written pages and pages without even realising. It's for the days when a spark will appear and I can write a single sentence or simile or metaphorical phrase and feel really, really good because I actually wrote that. And I will always, always keep writing for the magic of words themselves. They keep us together, mend hearts, hold lives together in more ways than one person could ever imagine. 

So even when everything goes wrong and all you write sounds like you got a concussion and now can't press the right keys, just keep doing it. Just for the sake of keeping that flame of writing alive. It will always be worth it.

rita xo

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