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Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Bookish Events: Tom Gates with Liz Pichon

Last Saturday, Ines and I headed off to meet Liz Pichon, the author of some of Ines' favourite books: the Tom Gates series. Both of us agree that we had such a fun time, and hearing Liz talk about how she came up with many aspects of the book was very funny and interesting. Personally, I have to say that I was in love with the fact that she had drawn Tom Gates related doodles on her dress, shoes and belt. I wanted a some too! 

 As the event began, Ines was very excited about the fact that Tom's mum was called Rita, which I have to admit was kind of exciting because there are barely any cool characters called Rita out there. I blame Rita Skeeter. Liz explained a bit about her stories, her characters -including Delia, the moody teenage sister - and soon we got onto the caramel wafer game. Here, we had to guess which caramel wafer wrapper actually contained the wafer in it, and which one was empty. It was certainly fun, and I can't help but think of Tom Gates every time I see a caramel wafer.

Soon, we did a bit of a sing along. Ines had of course shown me the song Tom had invented about Delia- I had to be prepared, you know -so with my inability to resist a good song, I clapped along and enjoyed watching Liz play a whoopee cushion in time to the song! Ines says that she loved it that the song came to life!

A bit further on, we played consequences. Here Liz took suggestions from members of the audience to make our own monster. This resulted in some hilarious suggestions such a duck feet, dog legs, tentacles and lots of eyes and noses! Before long, it was also our turn to draw our names in the style of the Tom Gates book covers on the doodle pads we had been given at the beginning. This was so much fun, and Ines and I both drew our own little monsters in the corner!

Once the event was over, we went and met Liz to get our books signed. She was so nice and funny so it was amazing to meet her! Here's a photo of us all together:

Thank to Liz and Waterstones for organising the event- it was a bundle of fun! If you get a chance, I highly recommend you get yourself a copy of the Tom Gates books- you will have a huge laugh because Ines has good taste in funny books. ;)

rita xo

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