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Saturday, 23 May 2015

A Little Spring Reading

It can't just be me who loves the idea of seasonal reading. You know, having a gooey  Christmas novel by the fire, or sunbathing with an ice cream in your hand and a sun covered book in the other. It's kind of romanticised, to be honest, but I can't help but love thinking about those Pinterest-worthy pictures that grace our screens. So I picked a few books to help me out:

Hidden beneath that big pile in the blankets is I Am Malala, which I will recommend 100 times and 100 times after that. Spring brings change- isn't that why we all rush into clearing out the old and sweeping in the new -so if you want a book that signifies that, this is it. Listening for Lucca is also a good option. It counterbalances the chaos that worms it's way into spring, with the flurry of exams and last minute preparations, as it has such a simple but effective story. For when the line between Spring and Summer gets a bit blurry (though we're nowhere near there over here!) Wish You Were Italian is perfect, and one of the best light reads you could pick up. Even when you do want to sit down and rest your feet, it doesn't mean you shouldn't opt out of the somehow cute-but-kickass story you get with I'd Tell You I Love You But Then I'd Have To Kill You. Promise- I've been reading this series since I was ten. Last but not least, Spring doesn't mean you won't have your ups and downs. To guarantee a bundle of laughs, I would pick up any book from The Misadventures of Tallulah Casey. If you don't mind bursting out laughing in public, take a copy anywhere, but if you rather avoid the stares just read it in your favourite reading spot. Happy Spring!

rita xo

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