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Thursday, 9 April 2015

When We Need to Let Girls Learn

According to Speaking Books, 1 in 5 in the world are illiterate with 2/3 being women. And here I sit, writing on a book blog because I have the sheer gift of being able to read or write. It's almost laughable isn't it? How ridiculous it is to think that had I been born into a different family, a different country, a different situation I might never have realised my love for words. Never have even discovered how much 26 characters mean to me. 
     It would never have even been my fault. It could have been because I never got to go to school, or because I was forced into marriage at an early age. Or just as simple as never having the chance to read or write. Never having the opportunity we all take for granted.

Being lucky enough to be able to read all the books I want and to write down all I think, it would be even more ridiculous not to use it. If I have been given this incredible opportunity, why shouldn't I use it to make sure others do to? It's not even a question for me, it's simply a duty. 

I'm a dreamer you see. I have a quote on my bedroom wall that reads "Tenho em mim todos os sonhos do mundo." In English, that's "I have in me all the dreams of the world" and never have truer words been spoken by the literary genius Fernando Pessoa. The quote sums me up. I have almost too many things I want to do, but I'll focus on the ones that require words.
     I want to write a book. I want to go to University. I want to become a Lawyer. I wish to travel and I wish to read and read and read. I want to make the most of what the world has to offer and fight for others to be able to do the same. Nevertheless, I'm lucky enough to know that I can make those dreams happen if I work hard enough and if I strive for it. They are possible for me, but for others they aren't.

I need to be able to read and write to be an author. I'll have to read a lot to go to University and be a Lawyer. For me to travel I'll need to be able to fill out forms, to read information and to work to earn money for flights and accommodation. If I couldn't read or write, how many of those dreams would I have left?

62 million. 62 million girls are not in school globally. That is 62 million girls who don't have the chance to dream for things like I do. But we can make it our dream to give them that chance. There is a whole world out there to hope for, bursting with imagination and ideas. No child can think to reach for it if they don't know it exists, and they can't do that if they don't have basic things like an education. Everyone has a right to dream, and we need to fight for that.

I'm hoping to do that by helping and bringing awareness to 'Let Girls Learn'. It's a US government initiative to help teenage girls get the education they have a right to. Whether that's helping them get the education they need, stopping child marriages or showing girls that their voice is important, they are giving girls the opportunities to finally reach what they want and break the cycle of poverty.

Let Girls Learn has come a long way and I'm determined to bring more awareness to it. Their website has a lot more information if you want to find out more about how you can help out. Hopefully this post has helped more people discover their amazing work and effort, so that we can watch that '62 million' shrink and shrink. Thank you for your work.

rita xo

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