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Friday, 3 April 2015

The Weaving Pages Survey Results - PART I

Hi Lovelies!

I begun a survey a while back to ask people what they thought of Weaving Pages. I got some great responses and I wanted to share them with you as I enter my third year of blogging. Because I doubt you're interested on how people found my blog, etc. (That's more useful for me, aha!) I'm just going to get started with some of the more interesting questions and answers, so off we go!

How does my blog make you feel?

I absolutely loved reading these answers! Everyone was so nice and sweet, and a few of my favourites were:

"Your blog makes me feel happy. Every time its updated I feel really pleased. Everything is written with a visible passion and its a pleasure to read your posts."

"like a pringle."

"I love it! Its so pretty and all of your writing is amazing!"


"Like I'm not alone and like there are other book bloggers out there that are doing great and it makes me happy."

"I see books on your blog that I might not have read, but the way you write so passionately makes me want to go and pick them up."


What do you think of my reviews?

The first thing I noticed was that people seemed to enjoy my Letter From A Reader reviews! That made me really happy because they are probably my favourites to write. ;)

"I loveeee LFAR ones."


"I especially love the Letter From A Reader reviews because I think its a lovely format, something different, but its also just as informative and opinionated as regular reviews; A* obviously ;)"

"I love all your reviews, but the Letter from a Reader reviews are so unique, I really enjoy reading them :)"

I also got comments that the tone of my reviews was good:

"I think they are well-structured and written in an accessible, conversational tone that is very easy to read, as well as being impressively detailed. I love your reviews!"

"Well, they can be very enthusiastic (which I love), also the tone of your reviews is very open & approachable (that's the best word I could use to describe it)! I mainly skim many reviews on most blogs tbh but I know that I do like yours either way; not entirely sure why but I do like them."

"They're awesome! I think they are honest and funny and all in all, make me feel like I either want to read the book, or maybe I should at least check it out! Well, unless it was a bad review."

A really good suggestion was to go more in depth too, which is really helpful!

"I'd like to see them a bit longer and in more depth - the Letter From a reader ones tend to tell me more about the books"

Thank you for all the kind words, guys! YOU'RE AMAZING! *hugs*

What would you like to see more of?

You have no idea how helpful this is!! Especially for when I'm struggling to think of a new post!

My sister was popular (INES I NEED YOU), with requests for:

"Discussions with your sis!"

"A range of features/meme's, how's your sister been (does she like SHIELD? If so... :P) like maybe some of your old ones? Just to mix things up a little I think XD You could always do them in another vlog or something..."

The latter brings up a good point! I would love to do more vlogs- I actually filmed a Taylor Swift book tag, but I'm having such a hard time editing/uploading in that I just kind left it... I'll try again- promise!

"I hope you do more different styles of reviews such as letter from a reader as it was amazing! I love bring out the book boyfriends too!"

I love this suggestion! I'm going to get thinking about what other kinds of reviews I can do because I'd love to introduce another variety. And YES! I need to make some more Bring Out the Book Boyfriends posts.

There were lots of requests for Giveaways, Interviews, Books hauls, Discussions and features in general:

"Discusssssions, mainly because I haven't seen many and I love hearing your opinion of stuffz..."

"I think I'd like to see more of the 'Top 10' posts, since I always read those so I can make note of the things you mention. Also, I really like fangirling about my secret book boyfriends....."

"giveaways - always looking out for new books to try and giveaways push me into reading ones I wouldn't have thought of"

"I'd like to see you talk more about languages in personal posts. That would be awesome!"


"Life posts."

I will get onto all of that straight away- I've been trying to get in some more personal posts and discussions so these suggestions are perfect!

I'm hesitant to make this post really long, so I'll be back with Part II soon. In that post I'll tell you all the improvements that were suggested and some of the really sweet comments that were also left. Thank you to everyone who took part- you helped SO MUCH! :)

rita xo

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