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Sunday, 5 April 2015

Plans for my Third Year of Blogging

I'm officially in my third year of blogging. To me, that seems huge, and I almost cannot believe it. However, that doesn't mean I don't have plans. I have a lot of plans AND IT'S TIME TO SHARE!

1. Put things together

I love a lot of things along with books, and as such I want to start putting things together. I'm going to put a bookish twist on whatever I can and if it works- WHOOP! If it doesn't? I don't mind! You've already seen a few examples of this, so watch out for some more different posts popping up along with the usual reviews. :)

2. Opinions, Opinions and MORE Opinions!

We had a few rants last year. But honestly? I haven't been showing enough of my very-eager-to-launch-into-a-debate-with-anyone side. I'm going to start writing some posts giving my thoughts on issues that come up, and maybe even start searching for YA books that also deal with them too. I've always been a little scared to say something and have the whole internet come at me but you know- things are pretty boring if you don't speak up!! :)

3. Get the hang of this thing..

Hopefully this is the year where all my blog skills grow in terms of graphics, photo editing and all that stuff. I'm going to be reading up and trying things out. Of course, there will be epic Pinterest fails, I'm sure, but YAY for experimenting!

4. Bookish Events

I'm going to be trying my hardest to get myself to some more bookish events!! What sucks is that I live far away from the south where a lot of stuff happens, so usually I save those precious train rides to London for big things like the Divergent premiere last year! I'll be on the look out though for things I can get too and hopefully there will be a lot of unexpected opportunities once more. :D

So yes- those are my hopes and ideas! Now, I've got a lot of blog tidying to do and things to sort out... It happens when all the blogging energy goes out of you for three weeks... ;P

rita xo

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