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Sunday, 19 April 2015

Living A Life of Books

I love living a book filled life. That's me. There are books everywhere in my house, and in my life. They sit above my bed, line the shelves, hide in cupboards, fill the garage. I even find books in the kitchen, and in my bag. 

Books have many faces, literally and metaphorically. They give unmissable opportunities for photos like these, and have so many stories packed into a few pages. Of course, they vary from person to person. Depending on your experiences, a book might strike your heart or insult your very being. Books can make you and they can rip you apart. A book is a place beyond your wildest dreams, just waiting for you to come and live it.

But then there are 'those' books. The ones that capture you for hours, crying out each time they have to be put down. It's often agony to sit in a room with your bag nearby, knowing that a whole universe sits just at the reach of your finger tips. A feathered touch would suffice for you to immerse yourself in the words, and feel them cascade across you skin as they fill you with magic. It is heart-wrenching and constricting to share the same air as a book you cannot read.

But there is a cure to that tight, rolling stomach of yours. Reading. Let yourself be free- surround yourself with characters, languages, cultures and countries. Hold the words in your heart and never ever give them up. Then smile, because you have a gift; thoughts, dreams and feelings brought to life by the very things you read.

rita xo

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