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Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Letters To A Law Student by Nicholas Mcbride

Hello Everyone!

I did tell you I'd have some reviews of law-related books, and I'm not here to disappoint! Enjoy! :)

2139878Title: Letters to a Law Student
Author: Nicholas McBride
Series: N/A
Source: Library
Publisher: Pearson Longman
Published: August 10th 2006
No. of Pages: 296

Letters to a Law Student relays all that a prospective law student needs to know before embarking on their studies. It provides a useful guide to those considering a law degree or conversion course and helps students prepare for what can be a daunting first year of study.-(Goodreads)
 5 stars: Page the bird salutes this book, and starts
 flying with joy.

YES, AHA, I'M BACK! I know, I know- the posts disappeared half-way through last week! Well, I had an exhausting two weeks, and by the time it was Friday I refused to do anything. BUT HERE I AM, with another review for you. If there are any wonderful people interested in Law out there, I think you may just enjoy this.

Lets just clear this up first- this book is split into sections that deal with different aspects of being a Law Student. So, for example, there is a section that tells you how to revise for exams whilst another is all about the qualities you should have to be a Law Student. I only read the sections like the latter- the ones for people thinking about studying law- as alas, I am not in University yet. Nevertheless, I cannot think of a person that this book would not be useful too. Well, unless they're already a fully fledged lawyer, but even then there is still always more to learn! ;)

Honestly, this book is SO SO useful. It's amazingly useful and is in a brilliant letter format which makes everything really interesting to read. For me, it really helped me be sure that I was correct in thinking that I want to study law, and I would highly recommend this to you if you're thinking the same as me, or are actually studying law at this very moment. Letters to a Law Student also contains a lot of vital information that will help you decide if law is the right thing for you, as well as information on the LNAT (Law National Aptitude Test) and universities. It really is a great guide that you can benefit from and it will also explain what you would study at university to see if you are interested in those things. Personally, I found that very fascinating and it just made me more determined to go into law- there is a world behind our justice system that people are quite unaware of, and I want to learn all about it!

As I mentioned above, there is a really great section of the qualities needed to be a Law Student. This was one of my favourites to read as it was really comprehensive and also had two questions where you had to figure out how the law given would apply to a case. I thoroughly enjoyed doing this as the thought process you have to go through is certainly not easy, but it is rewarding once you reach a conclusion.
Letters to a Law Student is a must read that is filled with helpful information and examples. A 5 star book for those wanting to learn more!

rita xo

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