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Saturday, 7 March 2015

Graphics How-To: Top Ten Bookish Problems Graphics


Around two weeks ago, I did a post on my Top Ten Bookish Problems. It was really well received, and a few people asked me how I made my graphics for it. Since then, I had the idea to show you exactly what I did so you can make your own- it's very easy, don't worry!

1. To begin, I opened up this wonder of a site: Picmonkey. It's perfect for making graphics, and very easy to use- all you need is some imagination!

2. Then I went to the 'design' window.Here I selected the 'Square' canvas so that I could crop it down easily. As you can see, there is another whole range of options too!

3. I then cropped the canvas that opened. My blog fits the 'X-Large' image option on blogger, but you might have to use the Resize window which is further down to make it fit your blog. Just crop it to the shape you want, and then resize the width (keeping the proportion the same) to the width of your post.

4. I then selected 'Canvas Colour' and changed it to transparent, so that the background would fit with that of my post and blend in. Even if I choose white, it for some reason goes a weird grey colour that definitely does not blend in, so I would recommend transparent!

5.Once this was done, I went onto the Overlay section marked by the butterfly. In the Geometric shapes box, I selected the rectangle with rounded edges. Then, I dragged the corners till it was the size and shape I wanted it to be. I also changed the colour to a pastel pink- choose whatever you want!

6. The next stop was the Text section. Here I chose the font 'Tall Dark And Handsome' to make the title of my explanation. I just chose random 'Bookish Problems' for this tutorial, but here you should place the sub-heading of what you're going to say in the big box.

7. I chose my next font for the explanation. 'Mossy' was my choice, but there is a huge amount of fonts you can have. Then just type out everything you want to say!

8. When you've finished that, simply size the text to fill the box and click save. Voila! Here is your graphic ready to go. :)

I hope you enjoyed that little tutorial and that it helped you make your own graphics- if you have any questions, feel free to ask!

rita xo

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