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Thursday, 5 March 2015

Fire Storm by Lauren St John

Hello Everyone!I've been waiting to read his fabulous series-ender for a while, and finally I've got round to it! Thank you to the lovely people at Orion Children's Books for sending me this for review. :)
Title: Fire Storm
Author: Lauren St John
Series: The One Dollar Horse #3
Source: Publisher
Publisher: Orion Children's Books
Published: March 6th 2014
No. of Pages: 224 
Teenage eventing star Casey Blue has it all - fame, her champion horse Storm and a boyfriend who loves her.

Then Kyle West walks into her life. The country's hottest equestrian coach is also drop dead gorgeous and Casey knows right away that she's in trouble. But who is Kyle and why are there so many unanswered questions about his past? And what is his connection to Anna Sparks, Casey's old rival?

As the Burghley Horse Trials approaches, it becomes clear that what is at stake is not just the Grand Slam but Casey's life.
4 stars: Page decides that this book was very enjoyable
however, it was not catapulted into amazing.

Awww, so there is another series over! It was a brilliant ending, I might add, as was expected. ALL THE SERIES ARE ENDING and it's so not good because the amount of book hangovers I have at the moment is ridiculous. They are piling up. They make me want to just sit and sob that I will never get to actually join in with such awesome adventures. Books ruin me.

But lets move on from my weeping heart to talk about how amazing and thrilling Casey's journey is. Because it is awesome. I think you could stop about 10000 people on the street and they'd probably tell you that 'Pfffff, of course they would be able to horse ride if they had the opportunity!' Come on. You know you've thought that. Fire Storm, and the whole series at that, has kind of opened my eyes much more to how competitive and difficult the world of eventing is. Personally, I loved the rush Lauren St John brought to describing the scenes where Casey is competing. It really got me rooting for Casey and I always found myself hoping for a win- I mean, how can you not?!

Somehow, I never thought I would read a book about eventing with so much danger and mystery! Poor Casey can't do a competition in a peace without leaving me really scared for whatever might happen... This time however, I really did not expect the outcome. I had my thoughts set on it being two people who I hadn't trusted for the whole book as- lets be honest -they were wayyy too suspicious. Turns out, it was someone who I hadn't really suspected at all! When I did find out though, I will agree that they were completely crazy and really needed to not be allowed near horses.. 

Okay, here it comes: I ship Casey and Peter A LOT. Which is why I spent a lot of this book internally weeping about how they had to realise they were perfect for each other and never be seperated. This also caused me to be consistently distrusting and not really like Kyle.. Who needs to move along because PETER RULES.

However, the relationship of all relationships was Casey and Miss Smith's which got even better in this book. What I've learn is Miss Smith is always right, and there were a few times where I just wanted to drum that into Casey when she started acting up! It really pained me to see them fight because I knew how much they did value each other and goodness, everything happening to Miss Smith was so sad! I just wanted to give every single character a great big hug!
Fire Storm was a great ending to a much loved series, and I look forward to Lauren St John's next book!

rita xo

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