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Sunday, 1 March 2015

A Monthly Recap: February

Hello Everyone!!

It's February and I'm falling half.. asleepp... tired... You get the idea. I'm tired, but thankfully, I got one week off school to READ, READ, READ and basically lie about on the sofa because who cares about doing productive things? Pfffff... I have actually done a few blog posts though, so its okay. It's been a good month for books- I've been lucky! But on with the recap..:


Look out for reviews of Fire Storm by Lauren St John, All Fall Down by Ally Carter and Letters To A Law Student by Nick McBride

Awesome/Important Stuff:

I did a survey with the aim of encouraging more people to read!

The 2nd part of my Twitter Tips series which talks a bit about twitter etiquette.

I gave out some Bookish Valentine's help with what I would put in a 'man crate'.

I listed my top ten Bookish Problems, including the ever current 'Should I Fangirl...?'

I told you how life has been.

And ran a giveaway for you to win some Ally Carter prizes!

What about next month- what do you want to see?

Around the Blogosphere:
Favourite Book This Month:

    Top Songs:
    • I sat down and listened to some more of Lorde's songs, because she is one badass singer, and I found that I especially LOVED this one: The Love Club.
    • Listening to the radio, I kept hearing this song so I dig some digging till I found out it was called Hold Back the River - James Bay. It's brilliant!
    • Fergie - L.A.LOVE is way too catchy. I can't stop singing it, and if I'm honest, it just makes me want to dance. Badly. But yeah, dance.
    • Last but definitely not least is Hozier's Take Me To Church. This is musical perfection, and I haven't stopped listening. ITS JUST SO SO GOOD.
    Take Away the Books:
    • I've been watching ALL the TV Shows, including Broadchurch, The Casual Vacancy, The 100, The Middle and The Good Wife. During my week off school I also packed in two episodes of Law & Order.
    • As stated above I had a week off!! YAY! That meant I basically read A LOT. I haven't had this much time to read in a while, and I am savoring it!
    • I also managed to sort out my bloglovin' feed! *high five* and get in some writing time! I'm on 18,000 words now. :D
    I am so ready for spring right now. I'm sick of wearing coats and I just want to break out all my pastel colours along with skirts and dresses.... Its time to move on out, Winter! 

    rita xo

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