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Sunday, 8 February 2015

Twitter: The Tips and Tricks Part 2

Hello Lovelies!

Despite the common knowledge that quite a lot of us LOVE the little bird known as Twitter, I have decided to give people a few tips. When asked about how to get started in the blogging world I always, always, always say Twitter. And I will continue doing so. Not including other bits and pieces, twitter was how I really got into the blogging community. I joined in with one twitter chat once I made an account, and I just remember meeting SO MANY new people! I think most of my bloggy friends were made on Twitter, if I'm honest- and they're all brilliant!!

You may remember my first post about Twitter from last week, where I just included some tips on getting started. However, today, I have the contributions of some lovely twitter people to help me give you some tips on Twitter etiquette! 

One of the general pieces of advice for any kind of social media is that, just because you're sitting behind a screen, it doesn't give you an excuse to suddenly be mean. Words can hurt, whether they're spoken or written. Just ask anyone. Orli puts it extremely well:
You're on Twitter to share your thoughts and to have fun! Being the person who is always putting other down won't make your experience fun, so make sure you try to be nice. That doesn't mean you constantly have to be so kind it gets to the point it's fake, just be conscious of other's feelings and you'll get along great!

Fi's piece of advice kind of goes hand in hand with what I said too:
Everyone wants to know you, not whatever image you're trying to get across. Be yourself! If others don't like that, it's their loss. The people that matter are those who love you enough to tolerate your slight craziness. (THANKS GUYS! *HUGS*)

Of course, if everyone's acting like they do in real life, things aren't always going to be rainbows and unicorns. And that's okay. People get frustrated, things happen, and it's not always intentional. So take Elicia's advice:
Just move on. Sometimes it's for the best. I personally tend to not wade into conflicts, although sometimes I do have things to say on a issue (ones that aren't between people!!) and I'll speak out. But you have to learn to judge situations. Subtweeting happens sometimes and, even if it's about you, a lot of us just choose to leave it alone. Nothing good comes out of conflict- trust me. What Valery tweets applies to the situation very well, I think!
So you know: think before you tweet! Arianne also had a lovely piece of advice:
Basically, be nice, kind, be crazy, have fun, be you. And yes, I'm completely aware this sounds like one of those adverts with 20 year olds pretending to be 13. But we won't mention that.
Hope you enjoyed this little piece of advice- but remember, these are just tips! They are completely susceptible to a lot of things!

rita xo

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