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Friday, 27 February 2015

Escaping the Grip of the Empty Blog Schedule

1. Guest Posts!!

A lot of people will be willing to do guest posts for you! I like to make an announcement on Twitter, asking if anyone would like to. This is really good for when you see that you won't have time to blog, as people love guest posts too! Usually, I let the guest post on whatever they like, but I have had people ask if I want anything specific. I love doing this, because not only does it help me out, it can also help others who are trying to get their blog out there with exposure to different readers. Remember- guest posters are doing you a huge favour, so don't abuse that! 

2. Write it out

What works for me, sometimes, is just to sit down and write. I usually write about what I'm feeling- like my current post on how I've realised I just have to do things. This was one of those post where I just talked about what I felt, and in about 10 minutes I had a post. For me, it also helps to make my blog a little more personal too. For me, this works because I don't have an off button. I just talk, a lot. It might not be the best method for you, but have a go!

3. Your Blog Feed is your best friend

When you need inspiration look at your blog feed. What posts there catch your eye? What posts would you like to have written? Have a little read through and see if any posts inspire you to write your own. Sometimes, you might even find tags or features that you can participate in. There is so much to be found!

4. Pinterest it

Not only does Pinterest have gorgeous photos that might get you writing, it also has link to loads of posts. There are many posts titled 150 ideas for posts when you have none so make use of those resources! Skim through the list and see if there is anything you'd like to write about- I'm sure there is. Even if you feel you have no time to write, you might find something that gets you itching to type out all your thoughts- find 5 minutes and SPRINT!

5. Grab the Camera

People like photos. That's a known fact. They are a lot more welcoming than huge blocks of black and white text. Sometimes, just getting out your phone and taking a few creative snaps in your everyday life can make a post. You can share them on Instagram, and then make a post on how your life's been lately using those pictures. If you're feeling creative or you love photography, this is a really fun idea. :)

6. Shut down that laptop

When all else fails, leave it. Yes, that might sound like weird advice, but just leave it. You might be tired and busy, so just leave your blog alone for a week. Go to the park, read a book, binge watch a TV show. Just leave it and relax. Everyone will understand, and a blogging break does a world of good! By the time its over, you'll be teeming with ideas. You'll see. 

rita xo

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