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Thursday, 19 February 2015

A Life Story - Just Do It


I thought I'd do a post on how my life is right now- just for some fun, and so that you can get to know me a bit more. I think I might turn this into a feature, we'll see how it goes. ;)

Half-term just started, and this week off also means I had a lot of tests leading up to it. Who knows- I'll probably have lots when I get back to. Still, that means I've been tired. I've been revising Physics and how waves work in an attempt to get it all in my brain, and also memorising the difference between Abiotic and Biotic factors for Biology. 
      Along with that, I had to write a 600 word story for English, which is possibly the most enjoyable piece of coursework I've ever done. I'm quite proud of what I wrote, but let me tell you: 600 words is HARD. Editing became my best friend as I tried to cut down by about 100 words. It was a good experience despite that. I learned to get to the point and stop taking the long path around the village instead of just crossing the bridge. I'm still thinking of going back to the draft I have on my computer and writing some more, since I won't have a word limit. 
     That being said, I have another story I need to focus on. That one definitely doesn't have a word limit, and I've reached 17,000 words which I'm even happier about. With all the revision, its been neglected for the past week, and I'm going to make an effort to get back into the swing of it.
A Trip to the Beach

The funny thing is, last year, I had such a problem juggling blogging and school and life. It was hard, I got busy, school had to come first and that would mean a week with no posts. I had to have a full month of a blogging break. This year hasn't been as bad as I thought. I used to wonder how on earth I would get by with the amount of homework and exams without taking a million breaks. It's guaranteed I'll be taking one near summer- I'll have mock exams and then I go without internet in the summer- but so far, it's been okay. Yes, it isn't easy, but I've done it. 

         It's made me realise a lot. I've had homework every week this year, and the tests are constantly coming at me. I did three controlled assessments in a term last year. It wasn't fun- it was draining and I would be a walking zombie by the end of the week (getting up at 6:30 is the worst!) but I did it. I'm not as scared or stressed about exams anymore because of that; I know I'll just do it. I'll revise, I'll find the time and I will do it. Because there isn't another choice, and I know that I can do it, so I will. I don't let myself worry- it's not going to help me pass. I just sit down, work, and do it.
         So far, it's gone well. I've had a few moments of collapse where I swear that I'm going to fail at life and start making back-up plans to marry a rich guy, but it's been good. Things have worked out, and I've just kept going at it. I want to succeed, and I'm going for it- I'm not one who likes to be held back. 
         To steal Nike's ever know phrase, what I've learnt is: 'just do it.' Because you can, because you have to, because you will. There are times when all the inspirational Pinterest posts in the world aren't going to help in the slightest, even if they're in the most gorgeous font you've even seen. But just realise what I have; you will do it. No matter how difficult it can seem, you will do it. That's the final word.

rita xo

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