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Saturday, 24 January 2015

Why You, Yes, You! Should Watch The 100

1. Because it's a show about 'juvenile delinquents' being sent back to earth after a nuclear war destroyed everything.

2. Because all the characters grow so much and become your treasured little babies. 


4. Because your characters can never be safe since someone gets impaled each episode.

5. Because each episode will also leave you hanging. LITERALLY.

6. Because the Holy King of gorgeousness Bellamy Blake is SUCH AN AMAZING CHARACTER.

7. And because Bellarke is life.

8. And you'll swoon each time Bellamy calls Clarke princess.

9. You'll also cry tears of blood at times.

10. And find yourself repeating ASDFGHJKL.

11. But there are also a bunch of badass Grounder commandants.

12. And Bellarke make a pretty good leadership team/power couple.

13. There is also some fun amongst all the, you know, dying and heart attacks.

14. But mainly, you'll watch it 'cos you know I wouldn't let you down. AND THIS SHOW IS AWESOME. So... Welcome to the Fandom. ;)

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rita xo

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