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Thursday, 22 January 2015

Ruby Redfort: Look Into My Eyes by Lauren Child

Hello Everyone!

Today, my review is going to be *slightly* different, because I have a wonderful friend to help me write it... *Drum roll* The wonderful Ines- aka my sister!! YAYYY!!

Title: Look Into My Eyes
Author: Lauren Child
Series: Ruby Redfort #1
Source: Publisher
Publisher: HarperCollins Children's Books
Published: September 1st 2011
No. of Pages: 390

Ruby Redfort is a genius code-cracker, a daring detective, and a gadget-laden special agent who just happens to be a 13-year-old girl. She and her slick side-kick butler, Hitch, foil crimes and get into loads of scrapes with evil villains, but they're always ice-cool in a crisis. -(Goodreads)
 5 stars: Page the bird salutes this book, and starts
 flying with joy.
You may remember the wonderful occasions where Ines did discussions with me. Now she is also going to be contributing to some reviews when she wants, so we'll see where this madness takes us! hehe! For today's review, I've decided to interview Ines on her favourite aspects of the book, and I hope you like it!

Rita: So, Ines, what was your favourite thing about the Ruby Redfort book?

Ines: Well, my favourite thing was that it was like a mystery and you could think about it yourself and use the clues to come up with your own ideas. Some of the parts in the book were quite adventurous because Ruby was always finding new situations to get into trouble! 

Rita: *laughs*

Ines: It's true! There's this part where there are these paintings and they say 'Don't touch anything.' and she still touches everything!!

Rita: I definitely loved the introduction we got to Ruby when she was a baby. She seems quite mischievous and ready to jump into action, yes?!

Ines: Yes! I think she's very adventurous and she's not much like her parents who don't like Ruby wearing her t-shirts and always want her to wear a dress!

Rita: Ah yes, you loved the T-shirts, didn't you? Why was that?

Ines: They were really funny and they had writing on them that said things like "In deep trouble" and "BOZO".

Ines: I also liked one of Ruby's friends, Clancy, because he didn't know that she was a spy and then he sent her messages in code, sometimes in Origami like swans which I really enjoyed. I thought it was a very good idea!

Rita: Oh goodness... Don't tell me I'm going to be finding origami swans all around the house with messages like "SOS RITA HELP ME I LOVE YOU" like you did last time. And you didn't even need help!! 

Ines: Well, that wasn't in origami or code so....

Rita: Okay, back on track: I think this book is perfect for people Ines' age- so basically those who are into Junior Fiction. I know that when I was your age I loved EVERYTHING to do with mystery and adventure novels and this fits straight into that category!

Ines: I also think Ruby is different to other characters because she's very intelligent and curious, can break codes and she's only 13! I think she's a good role model for others.

Rita: So would you recommend this to others?

Ines: YES!

Rita: AGREED! *high five* Describe this book in three words for me.

Ines: Curious, Mysterious and Adventurous.... Deadly... No, just kidding, ahaha!

Rita: So that's it! I hope you enjoy our little discussion about Look Into My Eyes, and that you go out and read it too!

The Ruby Redfort series has three more books and the fourth is out now. It's called Feel The Fear, and I'm sure it's just as amazing as this one!

Love, Rita + Ines xox

rita xo

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