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Thursday, 15 January 2015

Guest Post: Georgia @ The Books Bandit shares her Crown of Midnight fanfiction!

The Books Bandit

Hello Everyone!

The lovely Georgia has come on the blog today to share with you some Crown of Midnight, Celaena and Chaol fanfiction! That means if you haven't read the Throne of Glass series... proceed at your own risk... hehehe! Those of you that have, enjoy!

"Celaena," Chaol begins to say, I keep my back to him- my arms folded. I hear him come closer towards me, the floorboards creaking as he makes his way over to the bed. Chaol sighs as he sits down but I still refuse to make any movement of reply towards him. "Please hear me out." I feel a hand rest gently on my shoulder and I move to shake it off. "I know that she died and I know that you blame me. I wasn't involed in Nehemia's death, I liked her-"

"Chaol, would you shut up?" I finally say, interrupting him. I turn my head and stare at him in the eyes. "Dorian explained it to me, you were too concerned about me and we were involved. He doesn't think that you were able to plan anything. don't think you planned anything. But you still had no right in locking me up like some common criminal!" My voice raises a little as I finish my sentence. Chaol gets up and sits next to me, placing a hand on my knee. I make no move to get him to stop touching me. "That, I cannot forgive you for."
"Celaena, I'm sorry..." He pauses. "But you attacked me! You needed to learn a lesson on not to attack your boyfriend. It's stupid." Shock rages through me like a wildfire and then anger. I stand up, quickly and I turn to face him.
"How dare you! My best friend, the only person who I actually liked as a friend, was murdered and I was grieving! You can't expect me not be angry! I cannot believe you!" I scream, slapping Chaol in the face and leaving him a red handprint in the face. I turn away from Chaol, tears burning in my eyes. How could he? How could he say that after all we had been through? "Celaena!" Chaol puts on his stern voice, not the kind one that I had finally gotten used to. "you are the common criminal, you're an assassin! A murderer! For all I know, you could've set up a plan to have Nehemia killed and this could all be an act!"
"F*ck you." I say, I step over to the ornate wooden door and open it. "Get the hell out of my room, and don't even bother talking to me again!" Chaol runs a hand through his hair and stays on my bed.
"No," Heartbeats go by. "Not until you hear me out!" I throw the door shut, the slam leaving the room in a stunned silence. Chaol gets up and strolls over to me.
"You have three minutes. Go." Tears burn in my eyes, but I can't let them show...Not yet.
"Celaena, I love you. I would do nothing that would ever hurt you physically or emotionally. So don't ever think that I did this! I will help you find whoever killed Nehemia but you need to forgive me! I'm sorry that I locked you up! But please, this pain is killing me." He cups my face and I melt inside, but my face stays hard and stern. He leans inwards and kisses me on the mouth. I kiss him back. I think about the things I have done since we broke up. I burnt everything that he touched. A moan leaves my mouth but Chaol doesn't move away. One tear leaves my right eye and all of my hate towards him increases. Was he kissing me because he loved me or because he wants me to forgive him? I perfer the first but I go for the latter. Perhaps I should forgive Chaol for everything he has done.
Should I?
Would I?
I shall.

Wasn't that awesome? It's certainly reminded me of all the Celaena and Chaol FEELLSSS!! This series is just perfect. THANK YOU to Georgia for doing this- I love it!! *hugs* Make sure you go and have a peak at Georgia's blog too- it's definitely worth the visit!! ;)

rita xo

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