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Tuesday, 16 December 2014

The Xmas Files: Bookish Decorations

Hello Everyone!

Today I want to share some of the bookish decorations I currently have around my house. I've been really getting into the Christmas spirt (XMAS SONGS EVERYWHERE!) and I hope this post helps you to start feelings christmasy too!

I made this garland a few weeks ago, and it's so easy and simple! I firstly just made the flowers above using circular layers of tissue paper which I then stapled together. For the little brown scrunches, I just took some brown paper I had lying around, scrunched it up and stapled it randomly. With a needle and piece of string, I alternated between the flowers and scrunchies on the garland, and voila! It was finished! It's been hanging on the stairs, but today me and my mum have hung it on the wall so we can attach our christmas cards to it.

This is a christmas tree made out of the same string I used for the garland! I followed this tutorial which just involves using starch to make the string stiff so it takes on the shape of a tree. Mine's slightly wonky but I really like how it looks! I'm planning to make more too.

Stockings are a great part of Christmas! They're great decorations, and my parents fill them up throughout December so I get to watch them grow which is a lot of fun! The snowman is my sister's and the Reindeer is mine!#

Here are my festive shelves! I got some tinsel and stuck it onto them, but I really need to get some more so that I can complete the rest of the shelves. How do you like my books, too? This isn't even all of them... I have a huge TBR shelf and all my favourites are above my bed.

For me, candles are an instant indicator that it's winter, which is why I bought this tealight holder. I though the red colour would look nice because, obviously, it's Christmas, I generally just thought it was really cute. It sits right next to my books now. :)

And last but not least, here is a sure fire way to feel Christmasy: just get some red or green flowers/plants to liven up everything! Put them in a pretty vase, and there you have it: CHRISTMAS

I hope you enjoyed me sharing all my Christmas decorations with you! What do you have around your home? Tell me!

rita xo

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