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Thursday, 18 December 2014

Ghost Hand by Ripley Patton

Hello Everyone!

After having to DNF a book, I am so glad that the lovely author of Ghost Hand asked me to review her book! I really enjoyed it!

Title: Ghost Hand
Author: Ripley Patton
Series: The PSS Chronicles #1
Source: Author
Publisher: Self-Published
Published: November 28th 2013
No. of Pages: 372

Seventeen-year-old Olivia Black has a rare birth defect known as Psyche Sans Soma, or PSS. Instead of a right hand made of flesh and blood, she was born with a hand made of ethereal energy.

How does Olivia handle being the girl with the ghost hand? Well, she's a little bit morbid and a whole lot snarky. 

Her mother thinks her obsession with death, black clothing, and the local cemetery is a bid for attention. But when Marcus, the new guy in Olivia's calculus class, stares at her like she's a freak, Olivia doesn't like it. And when her hand goes rogue, doing things she never imagined possible, Olivia finds herself running for her life with Marcus from a group of men bent on taking the power of her hand for their own nefarious purposes.
4 stars: Page decides that this book was very enjoyable
however, it was not catapulted into amazing.

I am a lover of paranormal books. Anything that remotely screams COOL THINGS has me running into it's arms.. So when I got the offer to read this I started going: Ooooh, ahhhh, and now here I am with a new ship and a bunch of excitement for what might happen next.

First things first, I really enjoyed the concept of Ghost Hand because of the variety of emotions surrounding PSS. What I started to notice was that though it was a completely fictional idea, the reactions and feelings caused can be noticed throughout society today. Some people treated PSS as normal, some stared, some saw the best, some hated for no good reason but because things were different. All these emotions are found when you look at all the different traits and qualities people have and then notice people's reactions. Of course, we are working together to eradicate all negativity, but there are always some people who can't quite grasp the concept of 'different' and as a result their response is hate. Jealousy. Annoyance. You find it everywhere; even in the places you least expect it. Ghost Hand reflected this really well for me, and I thought that Ripley Patton did a great job of sharing the varying feelings throughout all the characters in the novel, and it was great to see the consequences of each emotion.

Having said that, I quite enjoyed Olivia's struggling relationship with her mother. Relationships are very complicated, and I also like it when a book reflects that and also presents reasons for it. Ghost Hand showed the various tiny things attached to such a difficult relationship and how various experiences can easily make and break something. Olivia and her mother were two very different people, and I did feel a slight resentment for her mother. I felt that she did really love Olivia, but she had too many problems herself to be able to clearly see the problems she was causing between them. Olivia said something very early on which completely outlined one of the problems and it was then I noticed her mother's struggle that she always seemed to cover.

Of course, Olivia herself was far from perfect, but as we know: I love that! She again had her own problems, and I felt the rift between her and her definitely wasn't helping them get better. I did enjoy that she was very individual character- she knew what she wanted and she wasn't going to let anyone else tell her otherwise. It certainly served very useful throughout the book, and gave me plenty of action and escapes to enjoy!

And yes.. I walked out of this book with a new ship... MARCUS AND OLIVIA FOREVER! WHOOP, WHOOP. Nope. I can;t restrain myself- I love finding new ships way too much and I am desperate to read book two because of them. Seriously. :D
Ghost Hand was a great book. I enjoyed the concept, the relationships and the characters. Go have a look!

rita xo

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