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Saturday, 20 December 2014

Bookish Secret Santa

Hello Everyone!

Because it's nearly Christmas, I took part in a bookish Secret Santa organised by Holly and Orli! AND I HAD SO MUCH FUNN!!

Since everyone's got their presents now, I'm allowed to say EVERYTHINNGGGG.. The person I had to buy a gift for was Ruby, which I was really excited about because she is awesome and arty and I already had a bunch of ideas. I got her one of the books she wanted, a notebook, and a set of pens. I think the best part of this whole Secret Santa was seeing people open everything on Twitter :D

I didn't know who had sent me my present, but as soon as I got it I WAS SO EXCITED! It looked a little like this...

I loved my present, and through this I also met Holly from Holly, Quills and Ivy who I didn't know before. She is SO sweet! I got Amy & Roger's Epic Detour, CHOCOLATE, a notebook and a ballerina Christmas ornament because Holly found out I liked dance! Now isn't that awesome?

Make sure to have a look at all the blogs mentioned on here- they're brilliant! Merry Christmas to everyone, and thanks to Holly and Orli for organising everything!

rita xo

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