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Friday, 28 November 2014

Things I Learnt in YA #2 - Forests are a NO, NO!

Hello Everyone!

So after I talked about how rubbish my survival skills are, today it's time for my momentary realisation that forests aren't the best places to venture into if you find yourself in a YA novel. It's just... the results aren't going to be good... lets be honest. In case you think I'm completely wrong, here are some examples:


Ah, our beloved Harry Potter. But also one example of how forests are best avoided. Take the Forbidden Forest. It's got FORBIDDEN in the name. Nuh huh. Not good. But despite that neon sign THE WHOLE OF HOGWARTS STILL GOES IN THAT FOREST. And what happens?? Unicorns have their blood sucked by an evil two face hooded person. UNICORNS. How could someone harm the goddesses of rainbows?! What I still haven't mentioned is the fact that as a reader, this forest has caused me a whole lot of pain. A LOT. Forest = No more unicorns. Or OTPs. Or fluff.


Trust me, there are a lot of forests in the Virals series by Kathy Reichs. And jungles and all of the foresty family stuff. And those Forests have a lot of stuff in them, and do you know what that stuff usually ends up doing? Putting all my characters stuck in the middle of some cave. THE FORESTS TAKE NO PRISONERS.

You see- examples. Proof. Forests will probably mean you find yourself stuck with a bunch of sparkly vampires and then BAM! You have no idea what's happening till the last movie flips out and runs away with the ending. It's inevitable, really. But not fun. Of course, you might also find a vampire who will actually drink your blood and... nope. That won't end well either.

What I'm getting at here is, the next time you find yourself in a YA book, don't go into that forest. It's literally like that red button that when your temptation wins and you press it, it explodes in your face. FUN! Good luck with all the YA adventure,

rita xo

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