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Monday, 24 November 2014

My Thoughts On: The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part One

Hi Everyone!!

So on Saturday, I went to see Mockingjay part one at the cinema, and it didn't disappoint. I LOVED IT. After seeing Catching Fire, I had high expectations for Francis Lawrence, and I can now confirm that he handled this film just as amazingly as the last.

So what was the tone of the film like?

The tone was perfect. It is much, much darker than the last two films, just like the books, and I instantly felt that difference. Catching Fire will always be my favourite book, but it isn't till Mockingjay that you really feel that pain caused by that situation, and the film did reflect that. I loved it. I loved it even though it made me cry.

What did I realise?

You know, I read the books at an age where I didn't really cry over characters. Things just kind of passed by me. I've re-read the series at least four times now, and the books have become quite close to me because I can remember how I just fell in love with them. While I was watching this, things really hit me hard. I suddenly started thinking about horrible it really is- that sometimes people sometimes have to sacrifice happiness so that others get a chance at it in the future. I think back to when I read the epilogue for the first time, and I was rather happy with it, I think. Now, all I can think is that the raw, realistic thing about The Hunger Games is that it never really is happy in the end. The characters get by, but they never really get a chance to be truly happy ever again. What a privilege happiness is...
I just love them for being so strong, even when the world is out to break them. I'm sure many of us agree that we don't know how we'd take it. Of course, I cried.

Where did I tear up?

Everytime. You know when I joke on twitter about how I'm going to sob throughout the whole film? I actually did this time. My eyes teared up at the music, at the unfairness of every situation, and at the sheer sacrifice on the part of so many. So many parts made me start crying. I couldn't even watch when (SPOILER!) Peeta attacked Katniss. It was horrific seeing him like that, and it made me so sad. 
The part where I cried the most, wasn't even the saddest necessarily. It was a part where Katniss was looking for someone and she was shouting, lights were flashing, music started playing, and BAM! Cue the tears. I had to stop myself from ugly-crying, because I would have had I not been in the cinema. But why did I cry? Because I realised all of the above in the 'What Did I Realise?' section, and it hurt to see my beloved characters in so much pain.

Should you go and see it?

Yes, yes, yes. YES. Promise me you'll watch it. It was perfect, and as long as you've watched the first two films and read the books beforehand, I will be dragging you towards that cinema. And if any non-bookish people wonder why tI want them to read the books first- it's because I'm giving you the awesome pleasure of being able to quote the film as you watch it. 

And what would I say after you've read it?

Have fun taking 10 times as long putting yourself back together. (Get it!?)

rita xo

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