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Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Lone Wolf by Robert Muchamore

Hello Everyone!

I am back from reading another book in this lovely series, so thank you to the amazing people at Hodder Children's Books for sending this to me!

Title: Lone Wolf
Author: Robert Muchamore
Series: Aramov #4 
Source: Publisher
Publisher: Hodder Children's Books
Published: August 1st 2014
No. of Pages: 352

Fay has spent eighteen months locked up in a Secure Training Centre. Drug deals and rip-offs are the only things this teenager knows. Now she's back on the street, looking to settle old scores.

CHERUB agents Ryan and Ning need Fay's knowledge to unearth a major drug importer. They're trained professionals with one essential advantage: even experienced criminals never suspect that children are spying on them.

But Fay's made a lot of enemies and she's running out of time ...

For official purposes, these children do not exist.
4 stars: Page decides that this book was very enjoyable
however, it was not catapulted into amazing.

Yes, here is the time for my annual CHERUB review. If you haven't noticed yet, I have read all of the CHERUB books, which is why this blog probably has quite a few mentions of them in the year and 1/2 I've been blogging. But why is this? Because the CHERUB books are always enjoyable, and this was no exception.

I need to clear something up here. This series is the second in the CHERUB 'universe', I'll call it, so it no longer features the main characters I have watched grow up in the 12 books, but instead has new ones. Luckily, the previous characters still appear in secondary roles throughout this new series, which for me is very important. After all, I will ALWAYS miss the original characters, because like I said, they were the ones that I originally read about as they grew up, kicked butt, and did some idiotic things that were quite funny to bear witness to. No offence to the new characters, but they have nothing on my beloved originals. Not that I don't love them of course- I get too easily attached for that -but does anyone else feel kind of the same way? About this series or even another?
I'm going to let you in on something cool- Awesome things happen to do with two of the original characters in this book. It made me very, very, VERY happy, because I probably ship it like crazy and all the huge reasons above. So what I'm saying is: Read this series. You'll end up feeling so familiar with the characters that you'll (hopefully) finish this book with a great smile on your face.

No matter what, I have always found the CHERUB series interesting. It may not seem like it, but I've always picked up a few facts from each book I've read. Lets be honest- you don't pick up that many facts about crime and spying in every day life, and CHERUB always lets you kind of get an idea of what goes on whilst most of us are oblivious. For example, Lone Wolf centres around drug crimes and the whole operation that there is behind drugs being sold. As I read it, I realised just how bewildering it was that all these crimes are on such a large scale. I mean, they can be all over a town or city and no one ever realises because it's so careful. It's really quite scary, but it's something that you're not really aware of.

Like always, there was some great action to come along with the interesting aspect of the book. There are always a few fights, broken noses and explosions in any CHERUB book and this time I found myself really enjoying Ning and Fay's part of the mission.
Since this book moved on from the Aramov events, I felt that I got to see Ning take part in a completely different mission to what had previosly occured. Because of that, I felt I got to see her differently as a character, and I really enjoyed that.
I also felt Fay had an interesting backstory because she was completely focused on revenge instead of a character who was involved with the drugs. Well, Fay was involved with drugs but she was stealing them. Fay was quite a full on character in the sense that I would not like to get on her bad side... She was definitely scary.

Lone Wolf was enjoyable like always. I enjoyed the return of my favourite characters and got to see new sides to characters.

rita xo

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