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Friday, 14 November 2014

It's Cold Outside and I'm Huddling Up With...

Hello Everyone!

So like the title says, it's cold right now. Cold, cold, cold. End of. And if you know me, you'll also know that me and the cold aren't exactly best pals. Sure, I love playing in the snow and the general prettiness of things, but what I don't like? When the snow melts and turns to slush. Then the slush freezes and turns to ice. And what does that mean? I fall on my butt about 50 times per week. That means that one of my favourite things about winter is huddling up in the warmth. Which is what I'm doing right now. 

I'm huddling up with all my books, and my TBR pile (The photo lies, it's bigger than that). Not to mention I can't seem to stop putting on my fluffy white robe and monkey pajamas.

 I can also often be found hidden amongst the cushions with all my stuffed animals. Cushions + Cuddly Toys = Lots and lots of warmth.

I've been wrapped up in all the blankets on my sofa, and using this hand cream plenty of times. For some reason, I get really dry hands just before I go to bed. It always happens, but at least this hand cream smells so nice I don't mind using it!

I've been having some fun making playlists that I plan to share with you guys! Any guesses as to what book this one might be from? I've also been trying desperately to find an app that will let me listen to music offline for free. No luck, whatsoever.

I've been drinking chocolate milk whenever I'm cold. I just love it so much, since I never drink coffee and only occasionally drink tea. Chocolate milk rocks, and with a pink straw it's even better.

Hope you enjoyed this little post! What's the weather where you're at? Cold? Are you ddling up like me?
 Bye! xx

rita xo

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