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Monday, 10 November 2014

101 Things I Love

Hello Everyone!

I got tagged to this by the lovely Amber and the idea is to share some of the thing I love with you. I hope you like it! :) x

  1. Sunsets after blue skies.
  2. Animals.
  3. My family.
  4. Writing and pouring words out on a page.
  5. Listening to music.
  6. Dancing.
  7. Agents of SHIELD.
  8. Swimming in the sea whilst in rains.
  9. Counting down till midnight.
  10. Outdoor escapes.
  11. Water slides and parks.
  12. Concerts.
  13. Putting up Christmas Trees and decorations.
  14. Playing around with make-up and nail art.
  15. Blogging.
  16. Taking pictures of everything around me.
  17. Dreaming.
  18. The number eighteen. Or eight.
  19. Reading all the books in the world.
  20. Dressing up on Halloween and being whoever you want.
  21. Fluffly things.
  22. Spending hours in bookshops.
  23. Going to the cinema.
  24. Getting unexpected invitations.
  25. Not having homework.
  26. When you go out and it randomly becomes the best day ever.
  27. Being spontaneous.
  28. Feeling inspired.
  29. When you're play around making graphics and everything just falls into place perfectly.
  30. Smiling.
  31. Piri Piri Chicken.
  32. When History is so interesting it just makes me want to learn more and not care about having to write 10 mark essays.
  33. The first day of school, after which I just wish it was the holidays again.
  34. Lazy days where I do nothing all day.
  35. Cinnamon rolls.
  36. Thinking of the day where I finally manage the splits.
  37. Pirouettes.... well.. when they go well!
  38. Travelling to places, and thinking of ones where I would like to go.
  39. Domino's pizza crusts... I usually never eat the crusts but it all changes when it's Dominos's.
  40. When any kind of amazing post arrives and makes your day.
  41. Thinking about names I like.
  42. Being Portuguese.
  43. Friday nights where you just sit on the sofa and ignore the amount of work you have to do.
  44. The feeling you get when you finish a long piece of work or essay.
  45. Having fun with my sister.
  46. Seeing people open the presents you gave them.
  47. Tiny interactions that just make your day and that you can just think back to and smile.
  48. Sharing laughter.
  49. Fandoms and their inside jokes. NEVER TRUST A DUCK.
  50. The piece of clothing that you buy and are desperate to wear.
  51. New shoes.
  52. Lipsticks.
  53. That one song that you can play on repeat.
  54. Polaroids.
  55. Random acts of kindness.
  56. Dylan O'Brien.
  57. Gorgeous actors in general.
  58. Writing your signature again and again until at least one try looks perfect.
  59. Inspiration lyrics and songs that make you feel like you can fly.
  60. When the google logo looks really cool.
  61. Referencing Mean Girls whenever possible.
  62. Not having to do homework, or revise for exams... basically being able to blog and be lazy.
  63. Making pictures with noticeboard pins.
  64. Not studying limestone. WHY ARE YOU SUCH A BORING ROCK?
  65. Making playlists from songs in books. And any extra things in books in general, like diaries and fan fiction. I LOVE IT ALL.
  66. The fact that I can still sing all the songs from High School Musical. All three films.
  67. Letting my sister takeover my twitter.
  68. Country music that makes me want to do AWESOME STUFF.
  69. Snowball fights and sledging and all that fun stuff BEFORE I start freezing and get hypothermia.
  70. When I play around with my make-up and hair, and it actually ends up looking good.
  71. Spontaneous singing of random songs that fit with what someone has just said.
  72. When my parents come back from shopping and there is ALL THE NICE FOOD.
  73. Drawing Reggae Shark on the whiteboard in my dad's office.
  74. Carving pumpkins and have them not break and die halfway through.
  75. FIREWORKKKSSS. SO PREETTYYY. When they're not to loud.
  76. Writing a review that just flows naturally and being like: YES, THE WORLD LOVES ME TO DAY.
  77. Going to Portugal in the summer and just being able to get in the car and go to the beach.
  78. Anything comedic that makes me laugh- like Youtube sketches that you can just watch over, and over again.
  79. Managing to be productive and feeling accomplished.
  80. REALLY warm scarves and hats and things that protect me from the cold.
  81. Hot weather.
  82. Allllllll the seasons.
  83. Not wearing shoes or socks.
  84. Finding a random song that you just really love and woah. 
  85. Glitter, sparkles, and fairy lights.
  86. Nearing the end of really long lists.
  87. Amazing breakfasts that just make your day.
  88. Travelling to anywhere- I just enjoy the feelings of a journey.
  89. Monopoly which I've never actually finished a game of in my life.
  90. Decorating for holidays like Christmas and Easter.
  92. Discovering interesting historical figures which you never knew about.
  93. Looking back at pictures from a while ago and realising just how perfect memories are.
  94. The fact that we're a book loving family.
  95. Those days when you're so not-busy that you can just go on the internet and waste 10 hours of your life.
  96. Staying in my pyjamas all day.
  97. Novelty items LIKE A GIRAFFE TOILET BRUSH.
  98. Attempting to play guitar and actually managing to do something.
  99. Those items that just seem to tell a story.
  100. Old photos, sometimes of people you don't even know.
  101. Realising that I'm lucky to have so many things to love.
This was SO fun to do! I really hope that Cat, Georgia and Arianne enjoy doing it too! YES I'M TAGGING YOU. ;D

rita xo

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