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Saturday, 25 October 2014

On the Subject of Idols...

Idols. We all have them right? They range from celebrities and every day people to public figures and world leaders. The truth is idols can be found everywhere and anywhere. It's very likely that you're an idol to someone else and also very likely that the person you just passed on the street is an idol too. We all touch someone's heart throughout our life, no matter what we do.

But what brings this on? I guess it's the whole Youtuber situation that's happening right now, and it was actually Cat's post that got me thinking.
You see, these Youtubers Cat talks about- they're all idols. A great amount of people watch their videos, admire them, talk about them, and genuinely look up to them. These people who have done horrible, horrible things hold a lot of influence in their hands, and that genuinely upsets me.

You see, I've never actually been a great fan of Youtubers. I don't know why, I just never have been. I've never been someone who has a celebrity or person I don't know as an idol.
But my personal reason for never having a idol like an actress or singer, is that I immediately realise that one day, I will wake up and that person will have done something incredibly stupid that will shatter my image of them for ever. It will happen. Just like we do stupid things, so will they. I guess I just don't want to deal with having all the praise I built up on those people destroyed.
These people are idols, but they are also purely human, and we have all realised we have a great gift for doing the stupidest of things sometimes. That's why I don't believe in having an idol: it works for a lot of people, but for me, I like to think that the best idol to have is the best version of yourself that there can possibly be. Why should you aspire to be someone else, when you can do so many equally great things by being yourself?

We all need guidance sometimes. We all feel a little lost, and sometimes your idols are the ones you turn to for advice. I constantly use the advice of those around me- it's a way of making yourself better, and striving to be a better person.

But back to the subject of stupid things and being a better person. We're all idols. We're all human. But I firmly believe that there is a difference between doing something stupid and doing something so horrible it impacts the lives of others. That's not a mistake. It's something that should make you sit down, and relinquish all influence you have on others. You should use that last ounce of respect to explain to others that what you have done is wrong, in the hope that you finally realise it is wrong too. You should not continue to impact the lives of others when you can't even be an appropriate role model for yourself.

And that brings me to my next point. We inevitably impact others. People will constantly ask for your advice and follow your example. And you should always keep that in mind. You should strive to be the best possible version of yourself. You should strive to be someone does good, and who can proudly offer advice to others when they need it. You should strive to be the idol that you can be. And if you can't bring yourself to that for your own good, you should at least do it for the good of others.

rita xo

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