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Thursday, 11 September 2014

The World is a Book: Another Year in Portugal #2

Hello Everyone!

This is Part 2 of my holidays in Portugal. I hope you liked Part 1,  but if you haven't read it yet, you can here. Enjoy!

Lisbon and the Ancient Art Museum
One of my favourite bits of being in Portugal was going to Lisbon, and this year we went once again and stayed with some friends. The plan was to go to the Old Art Museum and then go to the 'Feather Palace' in Sintra together. However, something had to go wrong and our friends' car kind of... died... on the way to Lisbon. If you want the full picture, our car which we've had for more years than I've been alive managed to keep going, but theirs didn't.. Yay. Anyway, that meant we were left to wander about the museum alone whilst we secretly laughed at the fact they were probably still waiting for a tow truck and had wanted us to take their car. The same one that broke down. We love them really... 
     The art history museum really is something. Above there are images of the view of Lisbon as well as various paintings inside the museum. Most notably, they have The Paneis de Sao Vicente which are extremely famous and my dad was way too happy to be in their presence. I wasn't even aware he liked art that much, but I still haven't seen him be happier, except perhaps when Benfica wins anything. I would really recommend going to see this if you ever go to Lisbon. It's amazing. ;)

Palacio da Pena, Sintra (A Palace near Lisbon)
By this time, our friends had made it to Lisbon with a different car and we all set off for Sintra. You would think we had our fair share of things going wrong. Spoiler: We hadn't. When we got to Sintra, we sat down for lunch at a restaurant. Somehow, I managed to move my arm and squash a wasp which then stung me. It hurt. It hurt to the point that I spent the next hour running away screaming whenever something yellow approached me and I'm now convinced that wasps have some sort of conspiracy theory against me. If you ever go to Portugal and want to find me, just look for the hysterical girl running away from anything that buzzes. It's easy really.
After that small incident, we actually went to the palace. I LOVED IT. It's so beautiful, colourful and looks like it's out of a fairytale. It's just amazing and the view is gorgeous too. You can go inside too, but my phone ran out of battery before I could so I have no photos. If you're ever near Sintra, go here because I would go again in a heartbeat. The architecture is remarkable- there are so many different textures on the pillars that I had to take SO many photos. There was also a lamp that reminded me of the one from Narnia.. I may or may not have decided to climb it... The Palacio da Pena is gorgeous, and I really recommend going.

These are all photos from a shop in the town where I stay. It has so many amazing things, and I thought that since you bookish people tend to like crafty things (At least I do!) that you might like to have a look. I've put a link to the facebook page above, and I'm sure that if you want to buy anything or have anything made, you can contact Lilia who is lovely! My mum  recently bought a gorgeous decorative plate and we have a load of other stuff from here. Go have a look!

Terra Estreita, Tavira
My family, my cousin, my aunt and some friends (the same ones from Lisbon) spent a day at the beach as a kind of goodbye to Portugal. We've done this before, and every time I go I love it! I don't have any photos from the actual beach, but these are from when we were waiting to catch a boat to get to that beach. 
I had such a fun time and I even got a go on a canoe-type thingy which was loads of fun too! 

Going Home
So this is it. The wrap up. I did so many amazing things, but sometimes the things I miss the most are the little things. I miss having the shopping centre open till midnight and being able to go to a cafe and play pool. I miss having the noses of my two dogs at my elbow while we eat outside at nine o'clock. I miss being a car ride away from the beach and having my family be all around me. I miss my country with all my heart, even though I am so happy over here in the UK. That last picture is of the plane leaving Faro airport.. It's funny how that sight made me so happy when arriving, but then when I left, I felt so sad looking at the same thing. Weird right? Do you know what's even funnier? I think about how much I would love to live in my country, but then I also am not quite sure I can imagine having to leave the UK behind...

This is the last post about my holidays. I hope you liked reading both of them though!

Bye! xx

rita xo

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