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Wednesday, 3 September 2014

The World is a Book: Another Year in Portugal #1

Hello Everyone!

Like last year, I am here to share with you all the stuff that I did in my marvelous home country, Portugal. Having spent a good part of the day wrestling with the above text-in-image thingy, I am just about ready to smash my face against the keyboard, but I won't. Because my will to show you all the pictures I took is greater than that. This is part 1, and part 2 will be with you next week, so hang tight for that and enjoy this post!

Travelling to Portugal
So this first little section is just to start the whole post off. When the time comes to travel to Portugal, me and my family are really excited. Why? Because it means we're looking at a month of sunshine, beaches and family, and we have waited a whole year for it. 
     The first little cube shows my suitcase which I got this year, as well as my hat which I have been rocking constantly this month. Moving on, the rest of the picture are from when I was on the plane. Having got the window seat, I present you with a photo (left to right) of the plane leaving England, proof that my family is bookish (my sister was reading Hetty Feather by Jacqueline Wilson, and my mum was reading Clockwork Angel by Cassandra Clare) and the view that you see just as you arrive at Faro Airport. I seriously can't get enough of that view..

When I'm in Portugal, it's not strictly like a month-long holiday. We stay at my grandma's house, and there are lots of things to be done whilst we're there. It's kind of like having a second home. On the left and the right, there are pictures of my (technically they are my Grandma's but..) two dogs, Patinhas (left) and Kika (right). They are sweethearts and I love them to pieces. I miss having their nose at my elbow whilst we sitting down to eat something. In the middle is a photo of me getting water from a well, which is harder than it looks. No, the well isn't our main source of water, but my mum was getting some for some reason and I wanted a go. ;)

The Food
The food. I think this is one of the things I miss the most about the Portugal. From left to right, you have olives, figs, a Portuguese cake called a Guardanapo (Napkin), a Portuguese pastry called Pastel de Nata (which is a kind of like custard tart but different...) a market, tremocos (They're called lupini beans in the Uk, I think), another picture of the market, grapes, something that I have forgotten what it is, fish, another Portuguese cake called a 'Pata de Viado' (Deer's hoof), chewing gum, coffee, mortadela (It's like ham with olives), honey and loads of herbs and peppers on a market stall. Phew, that was a lot of things...

Barragem do Funcho
Me, My dad and a friend went to a place called Barragem do Funcho to get a herb which is a kind of lavender. This turned into the best trip ever for getting photos. From left to right, the first photo was taken from the top of a hill we had climbed. Afterwards, we made our way towards a place which went under a train bridge. The second photo is of the river going under that bridge, and the third is of the underside of the bridge, which I thought made for a great photo. The 4th and 5th photos are also of the underside.
The 6th and 7th photos, are of a train line nearby. What I should probably say here is that it isn't recommended to get on a train line to take photos but.. yeah... I am really proud of those photos! The 9th photo is of the landscape on the drive, and the last one is of our faithful car which miraculously has not died on us yet. It is an amazing car and I shall love it for ever.

Medieval Fair
There's a city called Silves near to where we stay, and every year there is a medieval fair. We go every other year, because we've pretty much seen it all, but if you ever go to the Algarve, I would recommend going. There are loads of handmade things to buy, as well as amazing food, drink and performances. I love going, and as you can see, it's very popular. The pictures are basically of the sights as you go around the city centre, and the view is gorgeous in my opinion. My sister bought a little musical instrument thingy, and we both bought bracelets with our names on that were being made on site. I absolutely loved going, and the atmosphere with all the lights and the people is great. :)

I hope you enjoyed this! Part 2 will be up next week, so lookout for that!
Bye! xx

rita xo

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