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Thursday, 31 July 2014

A Monthly Recap: July

Hello Everyone!

Guess what!? I ACTUALLY managed to keep up with my blog schedule this month!! Are you proud of me?! We'll see how August goes, because I'm going to Portugal next week, so that probably means a blogging break towards the end of the month. That's not really bad news however because it means I can start scheduling posts for September, as next year I start exams.. Eeekk! I have no idea how this will impact posts, but it may mean that at some point I will just post when I can, or post less frequently. We'll see what happens, so don't take my word for it just yet. I'll definitely tell you all about any changes, though. :)

Awesome/Important Stuff:
Around the Blogosphere:
  • I am LOVING Cuddlebuggery's Buzz Worthy News posts at the moment. I always look forward to them, so here's the latest one. All of them are informative, funny and will get you caught up on the bookish world in no time. :)
  • Ruby has done a great post on her top ten book endings! I really enjoyed it, and IT MADE ME WANT TO READ ALL THE BOOKS.
  • Amber wrote an Event Report on Rainbow Rowell's signing in London! I really enjoyed reading it, and she made it personal which, to me, made it very unique!
  • Sophie has also done an event recap but it's on YALC. You should have a look, especially if you didn't get to go, as it the first proper event dedicated to YA in the UK (I think... NO PROMISES!!)
Favourite Book:


  • The Great Escape - Ilse DeLange: This song literally fits every YA book EVER. And I love it. No, I ADORE IT. Go listen.
  • Stutter - Marianas Trench: I had never heard of the band Marianas Trench before I listened to this song. I really like their songs and it's none of that mainstream stuff, in my opinion.
  • Chandelier - Sia: I really like Sia's voice, plus the dancing in this video is incredible- definitely worth watching.
  • Budapest - George Ezra: This is just such an enjoyable song. The beat is really nice, and I just really like it.
  • Oblivion - Bastille: I only actually heard this today, but I love it already. Bastille always has such good songs, and this is no exception.
Take Away the Books:
  • I want to share with you this amazing piece of choreography I found on youtube. It's to Just Give Me A Reason (Pink, ft Nate Reuss) and it's undeniably beautiful. 
  • I did my Grade 6 Ballet Exam! WHHOOOOPP! I only get my results in September but wish me luck!
  • SUMMEEERRR IS HERE. I'm going to Portugal, which means there will be a post telling you about everything that happens this summer. It should go up in September, hopefully!
Are you all ready for August? Doing anything interesting or fun? Tell me! Have a great month!

Bye! xx

rita xo

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