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Saturday, 31 May 2014

Discussion: When I DNF Books

Hello Everyone!

I thought it might be nice if I did a discussion on why and when I mark books as Did-Not-Finish, since I never do reviews on those books. Now, I'll point out that I feel as though this is something I rarely do, and there are some books I wish I had just put down than waste so much time on reading them, but ah well. What can you do?

Thinking back to the times when I've DNF'd a book, I've either been in a reading slump or the book was making me feel bad. When I say the latter, I mean maybe the book was boring me, maybe it was making me think "What on earth is this!?" or maybe I just hated all the characters. You see, my opinions on a book are based a lot on how it makes me feel, so it's not going to get brownie points if my brain is starting to sound reasonable when it suggests I should go stare at a wall for an hour. I think this is kind of the basics for DNF-ing. 
However, sometimes it is a lot more complicated than that. I think I might as well give you an example at this point: I started reading The Scorpio Races by Maggie Stiefvater the other day. Today, I decided to DNF it. However, before I did that I started flicking through the pages I hadn't read yet and I just read the bits that seemed good. This is because, I don't necessarily feel that The Scorpio Races is a bad book. What I do think, is that the concept is really interesting and I was curious, but the writing didn't capture me. Neither did the plot. This is hard to explain, but I felt like I wanted to know the outcome and what was going to happen, but I felt like large part of the book was also boring me and was unneeded. It's kind of harsh, but that's how I was feeling. After a while, I decided that I couldn't keep reading it and I just went ahead and flicked through it.

Before I end this, I thought I might offer my explanation as to why I don't usually DNF. I think that the reason is simply that I'm scared that the book is going to be really good just as I put it down, and then it could be really good AND I WOULD NEVER FIND OUT. Do you know how traumatising that situation sounds?! Also, when it comes to review books, I always feel bad about DNF-ing as the publisher or author has been nice enough to let me have a copy of their book in the first place. It's really conflicting.. >.<
When and why do you DNF books? If you don't DNF at all, why not? Is it for the same reasons as me? 

rita xo

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