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Thursday, 3 April 2014

Sleep No More by Aprilynn Pike

Hi Everyone!

I received this book for review from the publisher via Edelweiss, so thank you to them for allowing me to review it!

 Title: Sleep No More
Author: Aprilynne Pike
Series: N/A
Source: Publisher (Edelweiss)
Publisher: HarperTeen
Release Date: April 29th 2014
No. of Pages: 352

Oracles see the future but are never supposed to interfere. Charlotte learned that the hard way. If she hadn't tried to change one of her childhood visions, her father would still be alive. Since the accident, Charlotte has suppressed her visions to avoid making the same mistake. But when she receives a premonition of a classmate's murder, she can no longer ignore her powerful gift.

Then Charlotte meets someone who not only knows her secret but who also has a way for her to stop the killer. He offers to teach her how to manipulate her visions to change the future. But doing so will put Charlotte in the path of the murderer.…

4 stars: Page decides that this book was very enjoyable
however, it was not catapulted into amazing.

I've heard loads about Wings by Aprilynne Pike, but I had never gotten round to reading it, so when I got the opportunity to read this, I definitely jumped at the chance! Oh, and I'm very happy I did!

I personally think that one of the reasons I enjoyed this book was down to the plot. I loved how Aprilynne Pike took the idea of a murder mystery and combined it with a more fantasy idea: that of the main character being an Oracle. It ended up being a really gripping, fast-paced book. I didn't want to put it down, which meant that, yes, I was up at night reading when I should have been sleeping!

Also, I felt that Charlotte being an Oracle really added to the suspense of the novel. That's because you and Charlotte know what's going to happen, but not when which means that there is this huge factor of anticipation when you're reading. It also makes you really paranoid…just a warning..!

The reason for the paranoid-ness was that it was a really scary book. I'm pretty sure I had at least one sleepless night because of this book, but then again that might just be me!! To be honest, the bits with the killings were the worst and I ended up just skipping some of the sentences because they were quite gruesome and would of just scared the heebie jeebies (I just used this idiom. I am very proud..) out of me even more..

Going back to the oracle visions, I found it really interesting to see Pike's take on them. I don't think any of us give a second thought to the visions an oracle has in a fantasy novel or what they would do about seeing the future: Usually, you hear the prophecies instead of actually knowing what the actually vision is. It was nice to see how Charlotte dealt with them because it was completely different to traditional stories. Charlotte had to block them out and try not to see them because of reasons that you found out throughout the book, and the issue of changing the future- something that's quite a common issue in books that reference the future, etc. Even though it's quite common, it was great to see that issue brought up again, especially since it was important to Charlotte's back story.

I also enjoyed the relationship between Sierra and Charlotte, mainly because I felt that it was quite complex and had lots of thought to it. What I enjoyed about it, was that even though they are both oracles, a small sense of normalcy still remained through the fact that Charlotte challenged Sierra's views and opinions like a teenager might do in a coming of age novel. Eventually, I think everyone always learns that their elders are usually right..hehe!
Sleep No More was a gripping thriller that I would definitely recommend to those who haven't read any of Pike's books.

Bye! xx

rita xo

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