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Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Bookish Events: The Divergent European Premiere

Hello Everyone!

If you follow me on Twitter, then you'll already know this, but last week I got offered tickets to go to the European premiere of Divergent. *silent squeal* Of course, I had to go because who could pass up that opportunity?! This post is all about my experience, but first I want to thank the people who gave me this opportunity in the first place: The Big Shot. THANK YOU SO.SO.MUCH. I was overjoyed to get this chance and I am honored that I was one of the people who got the chance to go. A special shout out to James, who sorted out all my ticket problems before the event- THANK YOUUU! 

When I got the the premiere, the first thing I did was go to the Fan Experience. This was only open for people with tickets on Sunday, but it was still really busy! However, I have one word to describe it: AMAZING. Seriously. Every single premiere should have something like this: You could do rock climbing, get a tattoo (Fake, of course!), do target practice, do the aptitude test, etc. IT WAS SO MUCH FUN AND I WANT TO DO IT ALL OVER AGAIN. Now for my experience: This was the entrance to the fan experience, with yours truly standing in front:
 Just from this picture you can see how much work went into transforming Leicester Square- I WAS IN AWE. The first thing I did was get in line for the aptitude test, so that I could find out what faction I would be in.
Here I am talking to the lovely Erudite man. After that, I had to lie down and do a quiz that was on an iPad. It had a series of questions, and once I had answered them, I got a result. I got.. *Drumroll* DIVERGENT. BECAUSE I'M AWESOME AND I WAS SO HAPPY. When I told the Erudite man, he started hushing me and telling me to got out of there, he then handed me over to this Dauntless guy who kept telling me it was a serious matter since I was laughing my head off at their reactions. In the end, I decided to hide in Dauntless- even though now the main problem going through my mind is: What faction would I hide in because I like to think Dauntless, but would I survive, and MY HEAD WON'T SHUT UP. Anyway, the Dauntless guy then challenged me at Rock climbing- to which I quickly agreed, even though he was twice my size.. This is what happened:


As you can see, the wall started tilting at the end, and I ended up falling off...but, I do like to think I just lost by an tinsy, tinsy bit...Haha! The Dauntless guy was awesome, so *high-five*! Also, if you look towards the top of the 2nd picture, you can see Shakespeare egging me on. Shakespeare was also awesome that day. After that, I actually got to meet Nina from Death, Books and Tea. She was super nice so, Nina: YOU ARE AWESOME! Whilst in the line to get a tattoo, I also got to meet Amber from Books of Amber who was also super sweet! *waves at Amber* Talking about the tattoos, you could get a Faction one. Of course, since I'm Divergent and everyone wants to kill me now, I got one of the designs they used for people that were divergent. 

 What do you think of my 'tattoo' then? It's still on actually since I got it on my back because the teachers would annoy me at school if I had it on my arm.. *grumbles* After getting this, I had another go on the rock climbing, but this time with Nina which was loads of fun!
After this, we had to go join the line to get into the Premiere, because it was already so, so long!! When I was in the line, I got to meet the lovely Natasha Ngan, the author of The Elites (AN AWESOME BOOK YOU SHOULD TOTALLY READ) and she was extremely sweet! It was great meeting you, Natasha!
Once we finally got onto the red carpet, we had to choose a faction so that we would sit with them and get a wrist band. I chose Dauntless, because why not? Plus, they're awesome when they aren't being ruthless... When I was walking down the red carpet (on the opposite side to the stars, of course XD), I got to take a photo with one of the Dauntless people, which was awesome!
 Then, we went in and sat down with our factions. On the seats were t-shirts with our faction colours and also bottles of flavoured water. Before the film started, the director, the main cast and the wonderful Veronica Roth came on stage, just to say a few words! It was fun to see and I really enjoyed it- especially since the atmosphere in the cinema was great!
Afterwards, the film started. I'm going to tell you one thing: I was blown away. I can honestly say that I wasn't expecting it to be that good, and that faithful to the book. I think that they only missed one big thing out, which was Edward, but to be honest: I didn't really realise until I thought about it- That's how good the film is. Also, Theo James is gorgeous, which does tend to take your mind off things.. Anyway, the score of the film was also perfect, as was the casting and EVERYTHING. I'm going to stop talking now, because the list of perfect things goes ON AND ON.

To sum it up, this was one of the best experiences I ever had, and I'm extremely happy that now I get to share how happy it made me with you!

rita xo

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